Write for TueNight: Call for Submissions

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The Details

TueNight is a storytelling community for women in life’s middle sharing where we’ve been and exploring what’s next.

Now quarterly, on Tuesdays (natch), we launch a new issue that’s focused on a specific theme, such as Power, Vice, Voice, Sexy, Concerts, Gig, Break-Up and even Boobs).  We announce our themes on our Facebook group page. Our issues are comprised of the website you’re squinting at right now, and a live event where our writers read their stories amid snacks, drinks and a fantastic community of women.

Our Guidelines

  • Topics: We’re interested in all relevant topics wide and far (love, sex, health, career, entertainment, travel, food…)
  • Audience: Generally gen-x women 40+
  • Format: We typically publish essays (approximately 800-1,000 words), however, we’re also up for lists, videos, infographics and other kinds of image-driven content that’s in line with our mission.
  • Pitch: Please send pitches and 2-3 links to clips of previous work to hello@tuenight.com. We’re also open to first-time writers, so don’t be shy. If you have a great idea, we have great editors to help you bring it to life.
  • Diversity. We celebrate and strongly encourage diversity and inclusion in everything we do and especially in our writers. We like to encourage writers to pitch us from every racial background, binary/non-binary, single, married, not moms, moms, city mouse, country mouse. Gen-X Midlife is our common denominator, of course.

Our Voice

Smart, vibrant, optimistic — with the occasional dose of that Gen-X side eye. We gotta be us.


  1. Jessica says

    Hey Margit! So…I’ve been thinking about writing something on the crazy similarities between dating and job-hunting (Should I call to see what’s up or should I wait for the call? What am I going to wear? How much is TMI on a first interaction? What is an ad *really* saying?). What do you think–is this something people know/talk about, or did I stumble on a unique idea?? Like that whole I-only-order-tomato-juice-on-planes revelation that was all over FB…apparently everyone does it but no one knew everyone else did it.

    • Jessica says

      Wait, did it post my info so you know who I am? It’s Jessica Baskin from Phila. 🙂

  2. Michelle says

    I just read your Redbook article and LOVED it! You get it. I’m subscribed to your site. Thank you for making my morning. If there is ever a discussion on GenX-ers that opted out of having kids, I want in : )
    Thanks again for your humor and your insight.

  3. I would love to write for a site like this, however, I passed 40, about 30 years back! Any suggestions? There is a sample, of sorts, in the comments section under pets and animals, which turned out to be more of a short story, rather than strictly a comment on the article. I’m the mother of 6, a professional, and, also an alienated parent, among other things. I’ve been a guest on Milwaukee’s WTMJ radio, Ask your neighbor, with Gordon Hinkley, when I was in my 40’s, so I’m no stranger to presenting to an audience. Wish AARP would offer an online forum like this, as I have some great ideas on job hunting over 70, and the, “non existent “, age prejudice, which is alive and well and resides in every Human Resources Department with recruiters under 50. So, would love to hear ideas about where I could find a forum like this, for
    my age group. Thank you, Renee’Cooper, Milwaukee, WI

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