Write for TueNight: Call for Submissions

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The Details

TueNight is a storytelling community for women in life’s middle sharing where we’ve been and exploring what’s next.

Now quarterly, on Tuesdays (natch), we launch a new issue that’s focused on a specific theme, such as Power, Vice, Voice, Sexy, Concerts, Gig, Break-Up and even Boobs).  We announce our themes on our Facebook group page. Our issues are comprised of the website you’re squinting at right now, and a live event where our writers read their stories amid snacks, drinks and a fantastic community of women.

Our Guidelines

  • Topics: We’re interested in all relevant topics wide and far (love, sex, health, career, entertainment, travel, food…)
  • Audience: Generally gen-x women 40+
  • Format: We typically publish essays (approximately 800-1,000 words), however, we’re also up for lists, videos, infographics and other kinds of image-driven content that’s in line with our mission.
  • Pitch: Please send pitches and 2-3 links to clips of previous work to hello@tuenight.com. We’re also open to first-time writers, so don’t be shy. If you have a great idea, we have great editors to help you bring it to life.
  • Diversity. We celebrate and strongly encourage diversity and inclusion in everything we do and especially in our writers. We like to encourage writers to pitch us from every racial background, binary/non-binary, single, married, not moms, moms, city mouse, country mouse. Gen-X Midlife is our common denominator, of course.

Our Voice

Smart, vibrant, optimistic — with the occasional dose of that Gen-X side eye. We gotta be us.


  1. Jessica says

    Hey Margit! So…I’ve been thinking about writing something on the crazy similarities between dating and job-hunting (Should I call to see what’s up or should I wait for the call? What am I going to wear? How much is TMI on a first interaction? What is an ad *really* saying?). What do you think–is this something people know/talk about, or did I stumble on a unique idea?? Like that whole I-only-order-tomato-juice-on-planes revelation that was all over FB…apparently everyone does it but no one knew everyone else did it.

    • Jessica says

      Wait, did it post my info so you know who I am? It’s Jessica Baskin from Phila. 🙂

  2. Michelle says

    I just read your Redbook article and LOVED it! You get it. I’m subscribed to your site. Thank you for making my morning. If there is ever a discussion on GenX-ers that opted out of having kids, I want in : )
    Thanks again for your humor and your insight.

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