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Lady MacDeath to Dirt

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Out, damn’d dirt! Out, I say!

I entreat you, be gone from my hardwood floors this day


Swiffer in hand, I walk this abode all the hours long,

My heart a-full with dark song


Why must this grit persist?

We are not that kind of a home, I insist!


When I wake, I run the Roomba, and that’s not a moment too soon

At noon, comes the Dyson vacuum


The evening brings the Wet Jet

And yet and yet! This dirt remains set


Oh how I long for a clean, clean floor

Shining in the sun, greeting me as I walk through the door


I crave that smooth, silky feel beneath my feet,

No dust, no junk, no earthly particles do I want to meet


No crumbs, no scraps

No Lego pieces that go snap


No shriveled Cheerios

No nastiness from heaven knows


I want “House Beautiful” clean,

Scandinavian cosmopolitan clean,

Never-have -to-wash-your-gray-feet at night clean

Friends, do you know what I mean?


But this city air plus three little ones’ daily plunder and thunder

Continually tears my cleaning efforts asunder


‘Tis a losing battle I fight,

Yet I won’t be resigned to this plight


And so out damn’d dirt! Out, I say!

And I’ll Roomba, vacuum, mop, and Swiffer yet another day

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Diane Otter

Editor, mother, wife, tea drinker, not always in that order. VP Editorial, ; formerly at NBC, AOL, AP. You can find her on Twitter at @EditrixDiane

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