Month: May 2017

TueNight Live: Photos From “SWAP”

We came, we listened, we drank, we noshed and of course we swapped! Last Tuesday, we huddled at the lovely Collab fabrication, lab and innovation studio, in downtown Manhattan to hear a host of hilarious and moving TueNight tales about life swaps — from changing our age, to career pivots to spiritual transformations. And people brought personal items to swap. More on that below. (All photos by Kacy Jahanbini unless otherwise noted.) Margit introduced the night of readers, thanked the wonderful Adina Levin for hosting at her space, and gave props to Tattly for providing the evening’s body art. Lynn Harris kicked off the evening with some feminist mojo, reading “Why I Changed My Son’s Last Name to My Own.” Wendy Marston described, in bitchy detail, “The Magic of the Bitch and Swap.” Wendy Sachs gave us her expertise on career swaps after a few of her own, which she charts in her new book Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch their Careers. (Highly recommended!) We always love to see a few regulars and meet a few newbies. …

Hold Up, Wait a Minute

Hi folks, Just a note to say that we’ll be taking a website hiatus for the next few months to work on a revamp of the site, but don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. We’ll still be sending out our weekly TueDo List newsletter, now on Tuesdays. Our next event and issue will be a HOT one. TueNight Live will be outside on a fabulous roof deck, June 27, and the theme is GLOW – get tickets now. And check out photos from our last event. We also have our fast-growing TueNighter Facebook community! Join in the conversation (this week we’ve been gabbing about The Handmaid’s Tale) Stay in touch while we cook up some special goodies. And we have so many past issues you can peruse: Swap, Adventure, Comfort, Wild Card, Fail, Money, Immigrant, Sleep, Sisters and more! We will likely poke our heads back in here from time to time, but stay tuned for a more badass update of Taking a pause that refreshes, Margit