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Margit’s Note: And You Get a Car! And You Get a Car!

In this day and age when everyone gets a trophy (except the Seahawks…. but maybe the dancing shark actually won), we remember a time when there were true winners and losers. You won the yellow ribbon in ice skating; you lost the blueberry pie competition. Why do salt and sugar have to look so much alike… We clutched our shiny trophy for one smug moment, then stuck it in a cardboard box next to our yearbooks and a one-time, treasured Homies collection. This week we resurface our prizes — the ones as random as a Cracker Jack charm and the ones as well-deserved (or as DuVernay-ily disappointing) as an Oscar. Juliet Fletcher judges an exotic dance contest in Philly. Bethanne Patrick gives us five blue-ribbon reads. Amy Barr asks why we cherish certain collections. Our man in Utah, Piers Marchant, doles out his own Sundance trophies. And Diane Otter revels in a kickball glory. We also share the results of our very first (very casual) survey. And we’re pleased to report, you like us, you really, really like …

TueNight Honored by the Webby Awards!

Guys — we are jumping out of our chairs. We’re but six months old — ok, that’s like 45 in internet years (which is perfect) — and we’ve just been cited by the Webby Awards as an “Honoree.” See the news here. We couldn’t be more excited. The team — Kat Borosky, Susan Linney, Adrianna Dufay and myself — work so incredibly hard and scrappy every week to deliver something fresh, delightful and honest. This makes every 2 a.m. Tuesday scramble seem worth it, to know that people like what we’re doing. You really like us! Thanks too to our phenomenal contributors whose words light up these pages and who share their shiny faces on that “hard-working left rail” (as we call it). We all know we have a long way to go and we’re excited about that path — and for YOU to join us on our journey. Keep telling us what you like, what’s meh, what you want more of and KEEP READING! We appreciate your support. XO Margit and The TueNight Crew