Month: September 2014

Anti-Fads: 13 Women Share the Style They Won’t Retire

(Illustration Kat Borosky/TueNight) We all have that one piece of clothing that has stuck with us despite changing styles and tastes. For me it’s pointy cowboy boots, simply because they look and feel good, in a flashy-dusty Tanya Tucker meets Lucinda Williams kind of way. Yeehaw. So we asked our contributors and friends to tell us the one piece of clothing or beauty item that they will never let go of — or, something they brought back to life — and why. Interestingly, there were a few people who can’t let go of the very same things. Big Hoop Earrings I’ve been wearing big hoop earrings since the ’70’s and am grateful they’re back in style. They’re back in style, right? — Wendy Goldman Scherer Pencil Skirts I never throw them out. They are the Phoenix of the fashion world, always coming back, always red hot. — Cat Weaver A Black Cardigan There is nothing more indispensable to an office dweller than a trusty black cardigan. They never go out of style and they never lose …

The History of My Hair: A Timeline

Hair has always been the proving ground to see where you fit in, while trying your best to look good. As I cycled through my past hair trends, I realized I was casting out and reeling back the parts that worked — and the ones that didn’t. I went through a few bad cuts, got blonder and curlier than I meant to be, but eventually figured it out. Whatever quality it was that made me want to change my haircut every year is as much a part of me as anything else.

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Two Eerie Tales of Frightening “Fads”

(Photo: Nancy Gonzalez/TueNight) When we think of fads, we often think of things that are temporary in popularity —and often temporary in durability, too. Hula hoops, Buddha bead bracelets, lava lamps can break, get lost, or fade out of fashion. But what about fads that hang around even after their trendy moment has passed? Many people regret ill-considered tattoos (there’s a reason those places stay open late after bars close!), but even worse is the ill-considered plastic-surgery procedure. Not that Martin Wilkinson, one of the protagonists of Jess Row’s astonishing new novel Your Face in Mine, has any regrets about his own journey through cosmetic alteration. It is not a spoiler to tell you that Wilkinson, who grew up as the Jewish Martin Lipkin, has journeyed across the world to undergo “racial reassignment surgery.” Wilkinson now lives as an African-American man in Baltimore, a successful entrepreneur whose beautiful wife and adopted twin daughters have no idea that he was once a white man. His story is narrated by Kelly Thorndike, a high-school friend of the …

Margit’s Note: Ooo la la Sasson

(Illustration by Kat Borosky/TueNight) This week, as a prelude to New York’s Fashion Week, we’re all about Fads. Because as we know one week you’re in, the next you’re out, but sometimes, as a certain supermodel neglects to mention, you’re in again. Speaking of being out, I spent the last week a lazy beach bum in Delaware and then a few days with the fam in Philadelphia. While there, I chatted with my sister about this week’s theme, and took notes for this column. We talked about tanning, manicures, Dippity Doo and the ever-changing waist height of jeans. And can skinny jeans please just go away. But I forgot my notes. Unprovoked my mother found my notes and typed them to me in an email. I think they say it all — with a big [sic]. “You forgot your notes. Here are the ones I can read: White Shoulders, Lauren?, YSL, darker hair, Polo, fergies, acid, hair accessories, jellies , leather, Gap. Press on nails, QT tanning lotion, Calvin Klein, Jordache, Sergio Valenti, Gloria V, Hustle?” And then …