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Self Care Tips When You Are Utterly Devastated


Karrie Myers Taylor is a San Francisco-based “self-care coach” who helps people find the time to eat healthy, get balanced and learn how to take better care of themselves. Here she offers 15 tips to heal our post-election blues.

  • Turn off negative media: Choose two media sites that you trust and only read those.  Quietly stop following the Facebook feeds of friends and family who are sharing inciting media on their pages.
  • Medicinal baths & body brushes: Take 30 minutes a week to soak in a steaming hot bath to get some clarity.  Add some magnesium flakes and essential oil, and be sure to dry brush your body with a natural fiber dry brush before you step in the tub; it will get rid of all that negative media residue.
  • Set boundaries around what you’ll take in: Tell friends, family and colleagues that you love them, but you want to engage in only positive conversations going forward.
  • Eat nourishing food: Fill your plate with bright, colorful foods with different spices and textures.  Eat seasonal fare like buttery roasted squash, juicy black figs and sweet persimmons.  Comfort yourself with hearty bone broth and snacks like roasted seaweed.
  • Grieve: Yup.  We’ve suffered a loss.  Allow yourself to pound a few pillows, cry sporadically and take some time to mourn.
  • Wear ear plugs on public transportation: Communal grief can sometimes be toxic.  Take some earplugs with you in public spaces to filter out the harshest comments.
  • Listen to creative music: Find the voice that helps you let go.  My favorite “let go” bands right now are: SAMPHAToe and alt-J.
  • Meditate: Schedule three 10-minute sessions of meditation throughout your day to balance yourself.  Easy Meditation App.
  • Go the F*ck to Bed: Turn off the TV.  Close the laptop.  Go to bed an hour earlier for the next 30 days.
  • Drink Tulsi Tea: To help you drift off early, drink a cup of Tulsi Tea at least an hour before bed.
  • Try energetic healing sessions: It’s important to clear out all of the negative energy that’s circling right now, and also imperative that you stay connected to others through healing touch.  Get a calming massage.  Schedule an energizing Reiki session.  Research alternative methods of healing that involve nurturing and compassionate professionals.

 To find out more about Karrie’s practice visit her at — KM Taylor Wellness and Self Care

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Karrie Myers-Taylor

Karrie Myers Taylor is a Selfish Care Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Jedi Knight. She is the founder of KM Taylor Wellness and Self Care (, helping busy people find the time to eat healthy, get balanced and learn how to take better care of themselves.

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