Month: July 2019

A Porch of One’s Own: The Perils and Pleasures of Building My Happy Place

For 20 years I dreamed of a place where I could just “be” at my house: feel the breeze, watch the trees, hear the birds, avoid the bugs. In my mind, this place would be shady (I’m allergic to the sun) and serene. I just wanted a quiet spot where I might read a good book, with a simple table where I might eat a tuna sandwich.  But each time I brought up the subject of constructing such an oasis with my husband, there was a more pressing project that bumped it down the line.  Sometimes, the house needed painting, or the barn burned down, or the pond had to be dredged. Granted, these were all valid and important, but they certainly weren’t transformative for me.  Then, a year or so ago, we had some room in my construction schedule. It was my turn, and we decided to build a screened-in porch. I’d already stopped working full time, and had generally deferred to my husband’s vision as far as expenditures went. But, going into the …

TueNight 10: Nandita Shenoy

Quick Bio: Nandita is an actor-writer who loves to hear an audience laugh.  Her latest play, Baby Camp, had a public reading in NYC on July 8th. Beyond the Bio:  “As I hurtled toward 40, I felt such a sense of urgency that if things didn’t happen before that date, I would be doomed forever.  But then it happened and my life, including my career, got better! I’ve worked more consistently as an actor, had more plays produced in better venues, and experienced a truly stable and loving relationship, all in this decade.”  1. On the nightstand:  Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev, Milkmanby Anna Burns and What Happened by Hillary Clinton. 2. Can’t stop/won’t stop:  Fighting the patriarchy one play at a time. 3. Jam of the minute: Lizzo’s “Juice.” 4. Thing I miss:  Letters 5. 80s crush:  Rob Lowe (until the 1988 Democratic Convention) 6. Current crush:  Keanu Reeves 7. Will whine about: The MTA 8. Will wine about: Rosé 9. Best thing that happened recently:  A theater in Seattle asked to produce my play Washer/Dryer. 10. Looking forward to: Acting in Madhuri Shekar’s House of Joy at Cal Shakes next month.

TueNight 10: Tracey Lynn Lloyd

Age: 46.95 Quick Bio: Tracey writes all the things, all the time, in NYC and LA. Follow her on Twitter so she gets enough of a following for a book deal. Beyond the bio: “I’ve learned to accept my midlife crises as evidence that we always have the capacity to change. At the back half of my 40s, I have about 3 fucks left to give, which I’m saving for civil rights, menopause symptoms, and maintaining a good sex life.” 1. On the nightstand: Vape pen, glasses, lip balm. 2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Growing, and crying when I feel like it. 3. Jam of the minute: “I’m Gonna Get You Baby” by Bizarre, Inc. (I’m stuck in college nostalgia). 4. Thing I miss: Urinary continence. 5. 80s crush: Pierce Brosnan. The accent. 6. Current crush: Keanu Reeves, and a man who knows who he is. 7. Will whine about: Almost anything. 8. Will wine about: Almost anything, as long as it’s sparkling. 9. Best thing that happened recently: I lost 15 pounds and my jeans are loose. 10. Looking forward to: Celebrating my birthday, because I usually …

ESPN the Magazine Shutters

Block & Tackle: My Role in Redefining Sports Journalism

At a fancy Manhattan restaurant, over a very mid-90’s seared tuna salad, I make an impassioned pitch to be the creative director of a sports magazine. I tell the editor-in-chief, Gary Hoenig, that his startup needs a new visual presence and that I am the man for the job.  Gary has an overwhelming aura — a true New Yorker and a bear of a man. I’ve been drawn to his warmth, intelligence, and egalitarian approach since we started discussing my potential role at a new publication called ESPN The Magazine. The idea of working with an editor who wants to bring a little wit and self-deprecation to the world of sports is appealing. And it somehow feels like I’ve known him my whole life. Gary asks for another baguette (this was pre-Atkins), and I am suddenly desperate for him to take me to a Knicks game and buy me a hot dog.  But wait. Sports? I’ve spent five years designing Metropolis, an architecture and design publication whose latest cover featured a modern $95 toilet brush. Designing …