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TueNight 10: Katie Rosman

Age: 48

Quick bio: Katie is a reporter for the New York Times. As she puts it, she’s “in the business of knowing other people’s business.”  Like many reporters, Katie’s usual features beat has shifted to covering COVID-19 — she wrote about the outbreak in Seattle and shared tips for staying sane through the crisis. Katie is also the author of the memoir, If You Knew Suzy. And she’s started making these wonderful, hand-stitched dinner napkins

Beyond the Bio: “I’m worried. I’m bored. I’m wearing sweatpants for the 23rd consecutive day. But I’m also very grateful because I’m healthy, I’m employed and I’m privileged beyond description. My goal each day is to stay connected to the gratitude. But it takes work because, basically, my anxiety’s got anxiety.”

What makes you a grown-ass lady? “Not apologizing for what I shouldn’t be sorry for, and being the first to say sorry when I fuck up.”

1. On the nightstand: Separation Anxiety by Laura Zigman. Hand sanitizer. 

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Diet Coke

3. Jam of the minute: “Ain’t No Man” by Angaleena Presley

4. Thing I miss: Walking out the front door.

5. ’80s crush: Jake Ryan

6. Current crush: Kendall Roy

7. Latest fave find: Audio books

8. Last thing you lost: I never lose anything, I just don’t know where anything is.

9. Best thing that happened recently: My friend Josh Wortman survived severe COVID-19 and is now back home with his family.

10. Looking forward to: Flattening the curve.

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Stacy Morrison

Stacy Morrison is a content and marketing consultant, writer, and author, as well as the former Editor in Chief of BlogHer, Inc., and Redbook magazine. She lives in Cold Spring, NY, with her 16-year-old son, Zack, and she can frequently be found making jewelry (IG: @koi.beads). You can find her on IG/Twitter at @bklynstacy.

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