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It’s a hairy week.

My nine-year-old nephew asked me, “You have 52 weeks in a year, why would you waste one on hair?”

Oh honey. For better or worse, we are obsessed with our hair. It speaks before we do. It’s our way to hide a little, or scream from across the parking lot. And as we age it shifts into something new. We adjust or we let it be. Most of us maintain it with obsessive regularity — those salon visits, hairbrushings, and conversations foster connections to our friends, our mothers, ourselves.

If you’re a fan of the follicle, this week’s edition is just for you — it’s one of our most jam-packed “themes” yet.  From pink to gray, curly to big, natural to chemically saturated — it’s a hairy week.

From Our Friends: Take a peek at our friends over at The Mash-Up Americans who — in tandem with TueNight (after a lengthy brunch discussion) — offer their own take on multi-cultural hair.


“Why do you pet that glowing thing…

“…more than you pet me?” says my cat, as I swipe my iPhone. (Seriously, she tells me with her furrowed kitty brow.)

Earlier this month, on the National Day of Unplugging, I spent five whole minutes wondering if I could embark on a digital detox. Allow me to text this to you: “Nope.”  As last week’s New Yorker piece “The Pointlessness of Unplugging” argued, “Few who unplug really want to surrender their citizenship in the land of technology; they simply want to travel outside it on temporary visas.”

Because there is obvious benefit to our e-lives — from expedient access to data to the ability to order dinner without ever moving from this chair.

We try to be self-aware tech and gadget addicts and balance our digital desires with a little lo-fi love: a hand-written note from my nieces or nephew; the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street on a long-playing record (or two); the doodles my husband and I share on a paper napkin at dinner.

Some things are just better unplugged.

This week:

To paraphrase Arianna Huffington on The Daily Show last night, you can have an iPhone, just don’t cuddle with it at night. Oops.



“Sharing is caring!”

My college dorm neighbor used to say that all the time — usually with the goal of bumming a cigarette from my roommate. (Or a funny cigarette.)

These days, we live in a world where “sharing” has taken on new meaning; tinged with concerns of privacy or projects for a collective benefit. On a daily, if not minute by minute basis, we share our favorite news stories, baby photos, cat videos, and bizarrely niche Buzzfeed quizzes (“Which Willy Wonka Character Are You?” — I am Violet Beauregarde, obvs.) But we’re also sharing resources to get a great deal — our cars, our clothes and our homes as hotels.

As we share, are we communicating more effectively? Being good to our fellow humans? That’s the question this week as we tackle stories of sharing — and oversharing.

Don’t bogart that joint.


Let’s celebrate experience…

We’ve got your “30 Under 30” right here.

No, actually, we don’t.

With all of the “30 under 30,” “20 under 20” lists, we thought we’d do something a little different and honor some women on the flip side. In this special two-week issue, we’re high-fiving women who happen to be above the age of 38 and are doing amazing things with their lives (note: we still love you too 20-somethings).

To that end, we asked our 25+ TueNight contributors and colleagues to select 38 women they are inspired by and tell us why — which makes this list a little different from most of the “Top 100 lists” that are out there. It’s wholly subjective, based completely on the person who nominated the listee. This piece came to life through the combined efforts of more than 25 authors  — all of whom are different, just like the women that make up this list.

Our nominees are famous and not famous. They are trailblazers, laughmakers, rulebreakers, mentors and heroes. Someone our contributors simply admire. Someone that makes them proud to be a woman.

Why 38? Our unscientific observations have determined that’s the age when life throws you the question, “What’s next?” You’ve had a good bit of life experience packed into your toolkit: Do you mix things up? Do you start anew? Do you stay the course?

It’s a big, imperfect, beautiful, messy list and we like it that way. (Two astronauts! No sports figures! Oops.) In fact “a little messy” is on our TueNight brand guide, natch.

These women prove that your second act could be your best one yet.

38 Women Over 38 Who Inspire Us

Click for our picks:

It will be International Women’s Day on Saturday, March 8 and we say, hell, let’s make it International Women’s Week — celebrate longevity, and the accomplishments of women of all ages.

Tickets, please.

Whenever someone suggests a trip to the cinema, I perk up. Is there any better way to spend a rainy Sunday? A frozen Tuesday night at a Frozen sing-along? A sweltering August, spending a Dog Day Afternoon?

Here at TueNight we are movie buffs, fans and nerds.  And this week seems particularly movie-tinged.

The Oscars are fast upon us; we just lost our favorite Ghostbuster and the man responsible for much of our ’80s entertainment (may you rest in peace Harold Ramis); and we watch as Netflix hops in bed with Comcast for faster streaming and much bigger on-demand implications.

We find ourselves harkening back to why we love the silver screen:

In the words of Dr. Egon Spengler, “don’t cross the streams!”

Can we get a little help?

A life raft? A push?

It’s not always easy to ask for assistance, and as women we pride ourselves on having it all buttoned up. We’re more willing to aid other people than we are to help ourselves.

But this week we’re getting the help we need, giving you a few helpful hints and even remembering the times when we weren’t very helpful at all.

And in the words of the great Mr. Cruise: Help me, help you

Well Hello Sexy,

Because you know you are. This week we relishing in things that make us feel sexy — and we had a brainstorm that made us blush…

Knocking knees under the table. A glass of deep red wine. The smell of freshly washed skin. A raised eyebrow. Running as fast as you can and feeling your heart beat. A deep blue. Red lips. A secret smile across a bookstore. Sweat. Firemen. The friction of fabric. Parallel Parking.

Huh? Yeah, well, I have a weird thing that when a guy throws his arm over the back seat to backup and wedge into that parking spot, I find it completely male and hot.

To each her (sexy) own.

Our hit list:

Enjoy the deliciousness. And Happy Valentine’s Day!


This week we’re talking about the word AGED. Not necessarily as in “aged and infirm” (well, the knees are creaky) but the idea of improved with time — yes, Orson Welles, like a fine wine, great cheese, soft leather, our “experienced” brains.

I stumbled over an amazing blog this week, This is 50. Blogger Kristin Perers shoots the most sumptuous photos of women in their 50s, living life to the hilt. This picture of the woman standing in just a robe on an old car pretty much summed it up for me. Gorgeous. Check it out.

This week:


Take My Advice…

The world is full of advice. Do this, don’t do that. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.

There are bits of wisdom we all have lodged in our memory banks from teachers, parents, mentors, big sisters.

We love to read and listen to advice, pin it to our corkboards and espouse it on our Twitter feeds, but do we actually take it? Do we really need it?

Sometimes, no, as former sex advice columnist Judy “DateGirl” McGuire writes. And sometimes, yes.

This week, we’re launching our own occasional advice column called “What The…?” which will address the strange stuff we’re wondering about as we hit (ohmygodihatethisword) “midlife.”

Please send us your questions and we’ll do you best to get you a BS-free answer and dive in to the rest of this week’s great advice.

Enjoy (that’s advice).


Work-Life balance? Ha.

Magazines tell us we need to achieve it — that we need to streamline our to-do lists and apportion our “me-you-them”  time until we get the perfect, world-wide recognized system of yin and yang.

Well guess what, not gonna happen. Ever.

This week we’re sharing real stories of daily balancing acts, how we juggle and keep the plates spinning all at once. How they come crashing to the ground. How we get by.

We’re also introducing a new/ old column. We’ve brought my old Tumblr, “What’s Your System“, into the TueNight family as a regular column.  What’s Your System is about real people’s tricks for getting stuff done; life hacks, if you will. We all have those little tweaks we do every day to make our lives easier, and sometimes they’re incredibly creative, and sometimes they’re incredibly strange.

Over the next two weeks we’ll highlight some of our best posts (you can find the rest of the posts in our archives and for now still on Tumblr. Until we figure out how to balance both… or not.)

Let’s celebrate imbalance!

This week:

And much more…

See you on the see saw.

Watch Margit’s Editor’s Note Video.

We’re just talking about feelings. Nothing more than, feelings.

(In the great words of Morris Albert.)

And “sensitive” is our theme this week. We’re kinda wondering if we’ve all become too sensitive — and is that such a bad thing?

When insensitive statements fuel social media outrage and nationwide apologies — are we becoming more attuned? Or are we too sensitive to insensitivity. (Not to make your brain hurt.)

Either way, allow us to become a little, sniff, emotive this week:

Be gentle.

Watch Margit’s Editor’s Note Video.

This week we thought we’d bring you along with us, deep into the snow banks of Brooklyn, in 10 degree weather. Bundle up, people.

This week is all about Winter — whether you’re in the East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in the chilly middle.

Think toasty.

We thought we’d share 12 of our favorite stories from 2013.

How did we pick ‘em? It wasn’t an exact science (although I did make a delicious spreadsheet). We tabulated based on the most read and commented on, but we also looked at the stories that defined our voice and diversity of perspective.

Because if we have a goal here at TueNight, it’s to be a little messy. As Gen-X women, we’re not easy to sum up, categorize, scrutinize, organize or understand. And we like it that way.

The Best of TueNight

  1. Dinosaur Jr.: On Entering the Puberty of Old Age The story that kicked us off
  2. Silly Things People Have Said To Me When I Tell Them I’m Not Having Kids By far, the most popular piece on TueNight
  3. My Big ’80s Pink Prom Dress: A Love Story A bit of big-haired nostalgia
  4. Why Intervention Was the Worst Show for this Alcoholic Susan’s fantastic, brave column about recovery
  5. I Joined a Rollerderby Team at 46 Because we’re still a little punk rock

Get the full list…

Oh the office holiday party …

Charlie in cube 243 drinking too much eggnog; a gift from your boss that you have to look at from 5 different angles to figure out what the heck it is; the panic that ensues when you realize you have ONE HOUR LEFT and no gift for the Secret Santa pile…

Well, we’ve got you covered: 11 Perfect Gifts Under $25 for that Office Secret Santa. (It Works for Family Yankee Swaps, White Elephants too!)

Plus: We had so much gifting goodness last week, that we couldn’t pack it into our knapsack of content (don’t tell anyone I just wrote that.)

So without further ado, here’s week two!

Drive safely, stay warm, don’t eat too many Hershey’s Kisses from your sister-in-law’s candy dish (oh, sorry, that was for me) and much peace and joy.

This Week:

Big debate here at TueNight HQ: Do you give someone a gift that you’d want to receive? Or do you give someone a gift you believe they truly want (and you might not)?

I kinda lean to the latter. For example, an older relative of mine is a big fan of store “gift cards” and is renovating his home. I might opt to get him a git card to the local hardware or home improvement shop. I wouldn’t get him the Velvet Underground, White Light / White Heat 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition. (hint/hint). Although, it might enhance the construction process…

Whichever way you lean, giving is personal — it’s from me to you. And it will always say a little something about how we relate. To that end, we’re going all personal Santa over the next two weeks. We’ve asked our amazing TueNight contrbutors to think of gifts that would be truly meaningful, in the categories of their expertise.

This week’s all-star line-up:

Oh you animal.

As I write this my cat Alice is clawing the couch. Alice. ALICE!

How we love our pets…

Many of us grew up with a dog, a cat, a turtle or a pet tarantula. And in our 20s or 30s, we decided to acquire a pet of our very own. Which means that in our 30s and 40s we’ve likely experienced a loss like no other. Lovers and friends may come and go, but that darn cat was always by your side. Or biting your ankles.

This week we’re cherishing our furry companions — and even some of their tasty byproducts (cheese!). The fluffy and cuddly, the scaly and horny, and the vicious and feisty.

And, woof.
We love to give.

Here at TueNight this is our second week of saying thanks, this week with a nod to giving. To that end the TueNight team and contributors have crafted a list of the charities that are perennially near and dear to our hearts:

8 Charities We Love and Why We Give.

Do you have a favorite organization that’s doing great things in the world? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter with the hashtag #TueGive.

A few more good gives:

Hey, thanks.

It may sound sappy, but we’re truly finding meaning and joy in our litle TueNight site.

Every week we get to collaborate, experiment, cook up a crazy theme, double-over in laughter or shed a tear (when we’re doing things right.) I’m so grateful for my compadres in content: Team TueNight (Kat, Susan, Adrianna) and all of our amazing contributors

But most of all thank YOU for being a reader of TueNight in these first few “beta” months.

Thank you for laughing with us, commenting, reacting, freaking out Thank you for letting us be ourselves: women with one foot in the past, one in the future, one foot in a totally random place and we’re not sure how it got there. Yeah, some days we have three feet.

We’re taking the next two weeks to share a bit of gratitude with ya’ll.

This week:

A few weeks back, the “Witchy Poo” article got us all giggling and snorting.

“I mean, who hasn’t pooped their pants?” said one TueNighter, quickly adding, ”
… Like when you were 5.”

“You mean a ‘shart‘?'” said another. We looked at each other with simultaneous realization.

“Oh no, we have to.”

“We must.”

And with that #ShartWeek was born.

The thing is, we deal with poo every day — whether we’re cleaning it up, coaching it to flow or preventing it from slipping out. So why not have a chat about it?

I wincingly told my parents about the forthcoming issue, “Yeah, this week won’t be for the faint-hearted.” To which my dad responded, “Don’t you mean the “faint farted?”

Ah yes, the dingle doesn’t fall far from the berry.

This week’s line-up:

Enjoy. And don’t forget the courtesy flush.


What a mom says to her kids who are screaming bloody murder (for fun!)

What we tell ourselves in that yoga class when we’d rather think about remembering to buy paper towels.

What we tell the noisy dude behind us at the movie theater talking during Gravity.
“Wow…she’s all alone out there… crazy…”

How we calm down the voices in our head when we don’t feel like we can do that thing we’re scared to do.

Call us bossy, but this week we need to quiet our brains and find a little ahhhh.

Enjoy the peace and quiet

And what costume shall the poor girl wear…
To all tomorrow’s parties?
A hand-me-down dress from who knows where, to all tomorrow’s parties.
— Lou Reed (The Velvet Underground)

We’ve been bobbing our heads to Lou Reed for two days, may he rest in peace. A man who never put on a “costume” and always told you exactly what he thought, in real life and in his raw, street-life lyrics.

But this week we’re looking at the variety of costumes we wear, want to wear or would rather toss in the trash heap: our scariest, most fabulous and our every-day.

A few of the highlights in our Costume issue:

Happy Halloween! Mwu-ha-ha-ha.

What’s your favorite color?

As kids, we were often asked to name our favorite color. And we were smart to choose wisely; our color became our signature “look,” displayed on bedspreads, sneaker laces, gifts from Aunts. Mine was a bright purple, which became problematic when the book I obsessed over — Color Me Beautiful — labeled me a dusty, muted “Autumn.” My palette was restricted to reds, browns and burnt siennas (barf.) My sister was a light and breezy “Summer” represented by teals, corals and lavenders. I remember our unfortunate “experiment” with layers and layers of seasonal eye shadow.

Now adults, we can sport whatever damn color we please, but it’s funny how we still gravitate or find kinship with a certain shade.

In our Colors issue, our writers take a few hues to task:

Purple, I will always love you.

Hi, we’re your Weather Girls…

Back in the 1980s, your workout wasn’t inextricably linked to music, the way it is today.

There weren’t Zumba songs or “Jock Jams.” We didn’t listen to playlists oriented by BPMs. We didn’t have a handy, clippable iPod touch. Yes, we had our Sony Walkmans, but I have nightmares of trying to “jog” with that thing affixed to nylon shorts and watching it crash to the ground.

While the ’80s saw the advent of aerobics, and Jane, and Olivia, of course, we did our jumping jacks to whatever music was bouncy.

So to determine what the heck we were listening and lunging to, we conducted a purely unscientific poll of friends’ workout songs, and found a wide range of tunes — from the obvious to the obscure.

Here’s that list.

Plus, a few more muscle-bound goodies:

We hope it moves you.

We all have new Tribes.

They aren’t just familial, cultural or ethnic. Your tribe isn’t necessarily based on the people you grew up with, or the people that look just like you.

And as our digital lives bridge distance, we find more and more people who share a unique language (even if we don’t actually speak the same language).

Several weeks ago, I watched an illuminating conversation on race with journalist Soledad O’Brien, comedian and author Baratunde Thurston, and author Tanner Colby who said, “Baratunde and I have a tribal connection that isn’t based on race. It’s based on education and…”

“Brooklyn!” shouted Thurston.

Find your homies this week. The tribal council has spoken.

“You’re such a treasure!”

Says Granny as she pinches your 12-year-old’s cheek (as 12-year-old winces.)

You adore your treasures; their light sparkles brighter than everything else in the room, on your bookshelf, buried in the sand. Treasures aren’t always life necessities, but to us, they’re priceless.

This week we’re turning our treasures into little pleasures, collecting small things of intrinsic value and taking big steps to add value to our lives.

Here’s to Granny, crown jewels and Captain Jack Sparrow.

The bell rings…


The signal to pause your studies, your focus and fractions, ugh fractions. Throw open the school doors, hit the playground and let loose.

This week is all about the power and pleasure of play.

Feel the cold snap in the air, throw on a sweatshirt and let’s go kick the can.

What will be your next, great Escape…

My Escapes: Sipping vinho verde on a beach in Portugal. Unraveling myself, Houdini-like, out of a tough situation. Closing my eyes on a crowded subway. And of course, Journey’s seventh album.

Fall might seem a weird time to think about escapes, but we want to retain some of those sunshine-y mental breaks we took this summer and feel them into Fall.

Our stories this week include a few respites and a few disappearing acts.

In the words of Steve Perry, Don’t Stop, oh, you know the rest.

Are you brave?

Bravery can mean climbing a mountain, or just stepping out your front door.

But there’s something about bravery that means being authentic; daring to be who you really are. That can get easier and harder as we get older. We settle into our own skin, but the stakes become riskier and more audacious: we’re more established, we know more people, there’s more expected of us, we’ve created a certain automatic rhythm to our lives that’s comfy cozy.

Changing that rhythm, starting something brand new, owning up to your true self – now that’s brave.

This week’s amazing feats of bravery:

Try something unexpected or even uncomfortable this week. You’ll be glad you did.


This week we’re thinking about Frequency — radio and repetition. We’re turning up the sound waves, and we’re getting more regular (ew, no, not like that). You see, with this second edition, we’re now a frequent kind of thing.

In honor of this week’s Cassette Store Day, Susan Linney explores the lost art of the mixtape. We interview long-time NYC radio DJ, Maria Milito.  Cary Barbor shares how she left a 20-year career to become a radio intern. I’ve got a few great tips for your end-o-summer soundtrack. Rikki Endsley becomes an empty-nester at only 43, and talks about what happens when life as you know it, daily routine, changes in an instant…

Good stuff, feel the vibrations.
Welcome to the debut of TueNight. We’ve staked out a little corner of the week — and the web — just for you. Kick your feet up, pour a glass of wine and explore…

This week we’re going back to school — back to your own school, back to doing what makes you happy.

Anna Holmes writes about her beloved backpack; Jennifer Ha jumps in the water at 5 a.m.; A photographer finds her sweet spot as a baby wrangler; we venture back to the leafy school daze of L.L. Bean catalogs.

Please join the TueNight community and  share your feedback and insights in the comments section of the site.

Join us as we build something fun, for us.


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