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6 Amazing Analog Things My iPhone Has Replaced — And I Kinda Miss

While organizing the basement, I uncovered several old, beloved analog things that made me realize just how amazing our iPhones are, and how much has changed. Yet, there are some knobs and levers that still work better. Like all things in life, striking the balance of old and new technology is key. Now, to get those Super 8 films converted to digital…


1. Super 8 Camera. Our family Super 8 captured lots of fun moments as well as my brothers creative stop-action animation. And we never had to worry about recharging — we just wound up the motor.

2. Boombox. My boombox from the 1990s, complete with CD player! At the time, it was the slickest thing on the block.

3. Rabbit ear antenna. From way back in the analog days — even the TV could “go to eleven.”

4. Accordion.  I’m still desperately trying to learn how to play. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

5. A 45″ single. A song by Style 32 (my brother’s band) from 1982, entitled “She’s a Digital Girl But It’s an Analog World.”

6. My mini portable TV/radio combo. We could only view what was currently on the airwaves. Now, I listen to radio from around the world.

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