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Margit’s Note: Thank You

Kat, Adrianna, Margit and Susan (Photo: Andy Kropa/ TueNight)

Hello to part two of our birthday celebration!

TueNight officially turned one this year and last Tuesday we celebrated with readings, nosh and cocktails in NYC, along with nearly 100 women. (And we’ve got the photos to prove it.)

Hearing our stories read aloud was powerful and, for me, quite emotional. We enlisted real actors to read and bring our stories to life. There were few eye-dabbers when actress Chantal Jean-Pierre read Cherisse Gardner’s “The Day I Cut My Hair, I Lost More Than Locks.”

This week we’re sharing a few of those stories in our second Best Of series.

What started as a concept early last year, to tell the stories of women hitting that midlife pivot, was realized with the help of founding team Kat Borosky, Susan Linney, Adrianna Dufay and 50-plus amazing writers. Independently created by all of us with other jobs on the side, we’ve been bootstrapping it all the way. I couldn’t be prouder of the work our tiny team has accomplished.

What’s in store for the next year? Well, we’re still figuring that out. We’ve got plenty more stories to tell, but we’re always brainstorming about new ways to share them.

To that end, we’ve printed a snazzy book, brilliantly designed by Kat Borosky, featuring new illustrations and a few of our favorite tales. We’re selling the book on Blurb for $10 —  it’s a great gift and you’re helping to support this site!

We’re hoping to also make our very cool, hand-screen-printed totes for sale, too. TBD on that one.

This week’s “Bests, Part II”:

Thanks for reading our stuff.



(Graphic: Kat Borosky/ TueNight)

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