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Late Night Snack: “Loss” — Our Very First Podcast

Well it’s appropriately and officially “Late Night” (almost midnight, here on the East Coast) and we’re posting our very first podcast.

Back in October when we had professional actors read some of our stories aloud at our TueNight birthday party, we realized how fun it was to hear our words aloud. And, since we Google Hangout (amongst ourselves) each week to plan upcoming issues, we thought we’d also share a bit of that behind the scenes with you, dear reader.


This week:
  • We discuss this week’s theme and our own forms of “Loss” — from loved ones to cats to heck, virginity.
  • We read an excerpt from Wendy Goldman Scherer’s piece, “The Inlaws: The Collateral Damage of Divorce
  • Rebecca Soffer, co-founder of Modern Loss talks about her own grief, and why she started a site all about loss.

Have a listen, and please tell us what you think in the comments below.

Production Notes:

Adrianna Dufay did an amazing job producing this whole shebang. Much love friend.

Special thanks this week to Ben Patterson, from for the mic loan and more. Thank you, Ben!

(We’re still figuring out the iTunes subscription thing so we’ll add when we have that rolling.)

Let us know what you think!

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