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Talk TueNight: Dishing on Food, Sex and Being a Grown-Ass Woman [Photos]

Nearly 50 intrepid TueNight fans trekked through blizzard-like conditions (okay, a little snow) last Tuesday night to join us for our very first #TalkTueNight storytelling event. Stacy Morrison, Ashley Ford, Tamar Anitai and Heather Barmore read their fabulous posts from our Desire issue. Our fearless leader, Margit, also interviewed Alex Jamieson, the best-selling author of Women, Food, and Desire. This all went down at 61 Local on Bergen Street in Brooklyn.

Screenshot 2015-03-05 15.29.30


Our venue, 61 Local, has amazing food, cheese and we kinda went crazy for the beef jerky.




We mingled with friends old and new before we got started with the readings.




We snuck up on Tamar Anitai prepping for her reading. She read parts one and two of her 30 Day attempt to divest from sugar. And she brought the house down. “I found myself in sweats (some errant pieces of burrito rice dotting my lap, natch), hate-watching Donnie Loves Jenny on A&E, when I fell down a hole of fuck-this-I’m-a-grown-woman-I-can-do-whatever-I-want just like Beyoncé and ate a frozen coconut bar that’d been in my freezer since late 2014…”


Screenshot 2015-03-05 15.43.55


Stacy had us hanging on every word, as she revealed her intimate exchanges with a former lover. “You wake in the middle of the night, your arms around me, body pressed against mine, and you stiffen immediately…” 


Screenshot 2015-03-05 15.47.18


See? The aforementioned rapt crowd. (Except of course the one lady tweeting — no shame!)




Next up, Margit interviewed Alex Jamieson, the co-creator of the documentary Super Size Me, who talked about abandoning veganism in the wake of her failed marriage. “I wanted men and meatballs!”




Alex also extolled the pleasures and importance of touch. “We need 6-10 hugs a day for at least 8 seconds each,” said Alex. (Margit hoping a hug isn’t about to happen.)




Heather Barmore primps a little before sharing her painful middle school memories of being nicknamed “Butter” by the popular kids. “There isn’t a moment where you sit down in front of your therapist to get to the root of why you cannot handle the sight of Land O’ Lakes.”




Hey, there’s Neil Kramer! Last month he wrote about his adventures on Tinder for TueNight. We were thrilled to finally meet him in person!




After hearing Ashley C. Ford read her piece “Why I Want to Live Like I’m 40 in My 20s,” we all now aspire to be “fuckless.”




Two Portland ladies chatting it up at the end. Alex and our own Adrianna Dufay.




All in all, as Michelle Haska tweeted, “it was the best kind of girls night.”  (With a few awesome dudes in tow.) We can’t wait to do it again!


Screenshot 2015-03-05 15.48.19


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