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Shop TueNight! Nestle Into One of These Cushions

Whether you’re getting over a break-up, happily co-mingled or satisfied and single, we all need a little comfort in our lives. Or a pillow to bawl into. We get it.

But even if you’re not a teary mess, why not devise your own pillow-filled happy place/ reading nook — especially as we cozy up with our weekly batch of TueNight stories. (No, that wasn’t shameless.)

To that end, we’ve assembled some of our favorite, most delightful “Maker” pillows in our TueNight Shop on GREAT.LY. By the way, tomorrow is the very first White House Maker Faire day and the first National Day of Makers (#NationofMakers), so this is just another wonderful way to support great artisans and this very site you’re reading right now.

Here are a few fabulous items, but click to explore more in the TueNight store!



Khaki linen and gray velvet pillow cover by Therese Winnard, $100


Aztec Arrows pillow by Hannah Holtkötter, $24

black sheep white light

Sheepskin throw by Black Sheep, White Light $79


Cushion “Stockholm” by Marika Giacinti, $95


Amini linen yellow pillow sham by Hallie Gray, $54 



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