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Comfort and Oy! Raising Kids in a Mixed-Faith Household

(Illustration: Nancy Gonzalez/ When my daughter was eight years old, she came home from school troubled. “Someone in my class said that Santa is not real,” she said. Her younger brother laughed. “But of course Santa is real! Otherwise, who’s that guy at the mall?” Thankfully, my daughter seemed satisfied with this answer. I sighed with relief and, not for the first time, thought, “I am completely unequipped to handle this Santa stuff.” I grew up Jewish, in a suburb of Boston. We celebrated Chanukah. We did not have a Christmas tree, or give each other Christmas presents. On Christmas day we did what all Jewish people do: we saw a movie and then went out for Chinese food. Many of the kids in my neighborhood, and in my school, were Jewish, so it never occurred to me to feel left out, or different. I married an Episcopalian, and while neither of us is terribly religious, both of us feel it’s very important to pass our family traditions on to our children. So we celebrate …

Your Weekend TueDo List: An Easter Egg Hunt, a Home Budgeting App and LUSH’s Carrot Soap

Yes, yes we know — we deliver every Tuesday. Well, sometimes we just can’t wait. To that end, here are a few cool things to check out this weekend. CHEAP The HomeBudget App. Manage your money with ease — and from your phone — with this easy-to-use expense tracker. Our favorite feature? You can photograph and organize your receipts in an instant, getting rid those squished up papers stuffed at the bottom of your wallet. (, $5) CHEAP LUSH’s Easter Soap Collection. Stock up on some adorable, limited-edition Easter-themed soaps from LUSH. We love their cute Bunch of Carrots, $13 each, trio of Golden Honey-Toffee Eggs, $9 each, and these colorful, Immaculate Eggception Bath Bombs, $13 each. ( FREE! Easter Egg Hunt. Grab your kids and head over to Sutton Place Park for an Easter egg hunt which will include candy (of course), arts and crafts, games and even a visit from the Easter Bunny. (Saturday, April 19th, Sutton Place and East 57th Street in Sutton Place Park, 10 a.m.–1p.m.)