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Gifts that Scream “I’m Ready for Action” (Like, Now?)

Who wouldn’t prefer a sex toy over a sweater? While there are a seemingly infinite number of toys and other erotic gifts out there, I’ve narrowed it down to five I consider top notch, all of which I proudly own, use, read and relax with. 1. Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle
 Candles can do more than flicker prettily. This one looks lovely, and is specially designed with your back in mind. It pours into a warm liquid that you can use to give — or get — a sensual massage. Who would say no to that? $29, 2. njoy Pure Wand Every time I pick up my njoy Pure Wand, I feel powerful and sexy all at once. Not only will this stainless steel dildo give your kegel muscles a workout, it’s also a beautiful product that is sleek and sensual. Get some tips on using it from sex toy reviewer extraordinaire Hey Epiphora. $100, 3. Crave Droplet Necklace I’m a huge fan of items that multitask, and Crave’s droplet necklace more than …