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The TueDo List: New Jeans, Scary Movies and Native American Flair

This week we contemplated jeans. Now it’s time to actually put some on (or not, I guess — we’re not the boss of you) and have a blast this weekend. Our picks:

Shop for Denim

My best friend gave me a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans recently and I have decided that they are my new must-have staple. I need a backup pair, but unfortunately can’t afford $175 for the new Jen7 Skinny jeans made by the designers of 7 For All Mankind. So, I’m going to skip the mall this weekend and follow all of Susan Linney’s suggestions for finding a lucky-7 bargain online. I’m typically a terrible second-hand shopper, but for this I’ll give it a shot.

(And no, you can’t have my best friend.)

Celebrate Native American Culture

I always feel lucky to live close to the National Museum of the American Indian. This November is National Native American Month, and the museum will be holding a trove of events. This weekend’s offerings are so great that I could pretty much move in for a few days. Author Sandra Cisneros is speaking on Saturday at 2 p.m. about her installation, which is called A Room of Her Own: My Mother’s Altar, and opens today.

The Day of the Dead Celebration begins at 10:30 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday in the Atrium, and tomorrow night features what I definitely don’t want to miss — dinner and a movie, featuring Rhymes for Young Ghouls, with a talk by Director Jeff Barnaby. This film about American Indian teenagers living at a residential school by governmental decree also has screenings this weekend in LA, San Francisco, and Santa Fe among other cities.

The Museum’s Mitsitam Café is one of the only — and definitely the best—places to get a proper meal on The National Mall, so it’s a double winner.

Enjoy Dia de Los Muertos

Speaking of the Latin American holiday, if you’re in San Antonio, or probably most spots in Texas, this weekend is full of events to commemorate this lovely and symbolic celebration of deceased loved ones. The San Antonio Current’s lists so much good stuff — festivals full of art, food, family and music, and not even the pets are left out.

Since I can’t quite get there on short notice, I’ll be digging the Day of the Dead 3D Experience put on by the Smithsonian Latino Center and the University of Texas at El Paso. They’re using the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum digital collections to illustrate Dia de los Muertos, and there is really too much cool stuff on this site to list. I’m geeking out over it and I just started digging in.
The project’s Tumblr will catch you up.

Watch a Freaky Film

A Halloween/Dia de los Muertos weekend is the perfect time for some otherworldly weirdness in the theater, and this weekend there’s Before I Go To Sleep (Note to self: I like sleeping. Do not see) with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth; Nightcrawler ,with Jake Gyllenhaal; Horns, wherein Daniel Radcliffe grows actual horns (what?) and the 10th Anniversary of Saw, in case you’re in the mood to be on edge forever.

If you’re hanging out at home, AMC’s FearFest schedule continues through the weekend (and includes Cujo, airing Sunday at 11 a.m., if you’d like to turn that usually relaxing time on its literal head.)

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Laurie White

Laurie White is a writer, editor, photographer, and occasional college professor and counselor. She found the internet in the late 90s and has not emerged since. A contributing editor at BlogHer.com, pop culture writer for Babble.com, and community and communications manager for Mom2.0 Summit, she is a professional aunt who lives in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. You can find her at LaurieMedia (lauriemedia.com), on Twitter @lauriewrites and on Instagram @laurieanne.


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