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Your TueDo List: Everybody’s Working For the Weekend

Working for the weekend — sometimes on the weekend — is reality for most of us. It seems like “working” takes up a whole heck of a lot of our time — whether it’s finishing that powerpoint, picking up a shift, or even crafting your next, better gig.

The goal is to love what we do, and to love and cherish the time we have off. Let’s start with this weekend, shall we?

Here are our picks:




We’ve been singing “We’re gonna make it after all” nonstop around here this week, and no two working women lived for the weekend like Laverne and Shirley. Bowling was their thing, but I like to think they would be all over the 2014 Midwest Brewhaha Roller Derby Tournament, in their hometown of Milwaukee. (I can see the big L on Laverne’s jersey now.) Local rollergirls the Brewcity Bruisers will host 30 other leagues from around the country from Friday through Sunday at the U.S. Cellular Arena downtown. If you’ve never checked out a roller derby bout, it’s a lot of fun–and serious business, which I discovered when I checked out my local Baltimore ladies, the Charm City Roller Girls. You can locate the league closest to you through the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.



Blogging got me into photography so I started taking classes in a real, live darkroom, and pretty soon I was tacking “photographer” onto my occupational description. There is no better time than summer time to take your camera–amateur, semi- or all the way pro–for many spins. I’ve ditched the DSLR for my iPhone recently, and my favorite spot for photo gear and ideas is Photojojo. You can snag a set of three lenses for iPhone or Android that give your mobile camera fisheye, polarizer, or wide angle capability, or go super DIY with a pinhole camera and sunprint kit. If you need some ideas for weekend photo projects, Photojojo! The Book has a ton. (Lens Set Sampler, $49, DIY Pinhole Camera and Sunprint Kit, $25, Photojojo! The Book, $21.99, all at PhotoJojo.com)



If you’re searching for a new career path or hoping to re-energize the one you’ve got, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together by Pamela Slim ($10.01, Amazon) may help, especially if you’re feeling the entrepreneurial spirit move. She also wrote Escape From Cubicle Nation ($12.04, Amazon), a title after my own heart, which is also the name of her blog if you want to catch up with her before you pick up the book. Austin Kleon’s recent release Show Your Work: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered($7.56, Amazon) brings more of this, yes, Austin-based writers words and pictures together in an encouraging guide to getting your own work seen and heard. “You can’t find your voice if you don’t use it” and “Process is messy”, among other suggestions, may not be new news, but it bears repeating. If you’re trying to get up the nerve to take a leap, Austin is a worthy guide.



Mary Tyler Moore was an early career role model for GenX girls (or this one, at least), and while I ended up on the internet and not at a TV station, I’d still throw my hat in the air given the chance. I’ve never been to Minneapolis, but a friend who lives there says it’s the perfect time of year to check out MTM’s hometown (and of course her statue downtown.) Residents have the first of six  Open Streets MPLS of the year this weekend, this one exploring the route of the proposed North Minneapolis Greenway. These events open up miles of car-free streets so that residents can walk, bike, shop, and play, promoting healthy living, supporting local businesses, sustainable transportation, and civic pride. Very cool.


Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten’s moody, gorgeous soul-searching on Are We There ($9.99, iTunes), the traditional country from Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis on Our Year ($9.99, iTunes), electro-pop from Röyksopp and Robin on Do It Again ($4.99, iTunes), and the high-energy dance of The Feast of the Broken Heart by Hercules & Love Affair ($7.99, iTunes) are at the top of this week’s new releases to load up your iPod for the weekend.

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