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TueNight 10: Jennifer Kane

(Jen on a Zoom call with assistants Molly and Midge in the background.)

Age: 49.

Basic bio: Jen is an author (her latest book is Chronic Pain Recovery: A Practical Guide to Putting Your Life Back Together After Everything Has Fallen Apart) and a digital wellness consultant. She used to professionally evangelize the wonders of social media… until she noticed it causing harm in people’s lives and in America’s democracy. Now she helps people find ways to maximize technology’s benefits while minimizing its harm.

Beyond the bio: A few years ago, after being deeply disappointed by Fifty Shades of Grey, I decided to challenge myself by writing an erotica book under a pen name. Lo and behold, I got a book deal out of it. Learning to knit would have been an easier hobby, but this one certainly made for more interesting small talk at parties.

What makes you a grown-ass lady? I’ve done decades of therapy and personal work, which has taught me to own my own baggage and birth my own becoming. I’m not participating in other people’s games anymore and I’m not waiting for anyone to save me.

Here’s her TueNight 10:

1. On the nightstand: My fully stocked Kindle, as well as a glass of water, lip balm, and lotion (‘cause it’s winter in Minnesota).

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Feeling empathy for others.

3. Jam of the minute: The soundtrack of my pandemic has been chill electronica and classical music. I’m not currently jamming; I’m cocooning.

4. Thing I miss: Civil discord.

5. ’80s crush: All of the dudes in all of the John Hughes movies…plus Prince (I’m from Minnesota). 

6. Current crush: Glennon Doyle (I just finished Untamed).

7. Latest fave find: The Libby app and the site Netgalley. Both keep me in free books to fuel my ridiculous reading habit.

8. Last thing you lost: Any interest in continuing to dye my grey hair.

9. Best thing that happened recently: I did a lot of get-out-the-vote work this past election, particularly in key battleground states. To join thousands of other tireless volunteers in that effort and to see it pay off was deeply satisfying.

10. Looking forward to: Vaccinations, my extroverted daughter returning to school someday, and my next evolution.

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