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Your Weekend TueDo List: Anita Hill, Cloak App, Hollie Cook and Jem!

(Photo Courtesy Samuel Goldwyn Films)

Yes, yes we know — we deliver every Tuesday. Well, sometimes we just can’t wait. To that end, here are a few cool things to check out this weekend.


Anita. In 1991, Anita Hill was everything. As young, working, college-age women, we were glued to our TV sets as she testified to sexual harassment charges levied against soon-to-be associate justice of the Supreme Court. Poised, though reluctant, Hill fast became the one on trial, and it sparked new discussion about what was and wasn’t okay in the workplace. This documentary takes us inside the events of the trial, how Antia has lived life since (she’s “moved on” as a professor at Brandeis University), and her impact on a new generation of young women. The documentary opens today, March 21, and Women’s Action Media is also hosting viewings of the film.


Twice by Hollie CookReady for the cold snap to snap the hell out? We sure are. Warm up with a sneak peak at Hollie Cook’s latest, tropically buoyant, Twice — bound to be your summer jam. Cook’s vintage British reggae sound sound simmers along at just the right mellow-mood groove. The daughter of Sex Pistols Paul Cook and a current member of punk band The Slits, Cook’s easygoing dub has offers only a hint of her punk royalty lineage. Get on board early and pre-order her album, released on April 28. Can’t wait? Check out an earlier song like the delightfully brassy Milk & Honey.


CloakIf you feel like being a little incognito this weekend but don’t want to completely unplug, download the Cloak app, which keeps tabs on your Instagram and Four Square feeds to tell you where all your “friends” are at any given point. So if your ex is at the bagel store, or your chatty Kathy neighbor is at the downstairs cafe, you’ll know to avoid those hotspots.



The Jem MovieIf you’re on the later end of the Gen-X scale, you probably watched Jem and the Holograms. And maybe you even owned the doll and pretended you were the sweet girl turned kick-ass superhero band leader (it’s show time, Synergy!), despite the fact that you were 13 years old (that’s my voice bleeding in here). Well, have no shame and get psyched — Hasbro, in partnership with some really cool movie-making dudes, just announced that a feature film is in the works. Better yet, they want the fans to get involved. In every part of the process. So if you know someone who might make a great Jem (or a mighty Misfit for that matter), now’s the time to get involved.

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