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Your Weekend TueDo List: Books, Apps, Beauty and More


Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time. Author Brigid Schulte describes how between work, kids and home duties, her life is frantic and harried; anyone who feels “the overwhelm,” as Schulte calls it (women in particular) will understand exactly what she means. An award-winning journalist, Schulte throws herself into research and learns that women have never been expected to have leisure time — or if they do, it’s been assigned to moments like waiting in line, doing chores and holding on the phone. We love how she breaks down the structures that keep us from owning time for play and teaches us how to take our time back. ($19, Amazon.com)


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Chantecaille Save the Bees Palette. This new eye and cheek palette — which features four on-trend spring shades — is a (decidedly un-digital) buy that you can feel good about. Five percent of proceeds will be donated to The Xerces Society, a non profit organization that helps protect invertebrates and their habitat, including those very important pollinators. The palette contains a honey-toned highlighter for eyes and cheeks, a coral-pink blush and two new eye shadow shades (a beautiful sheer blue and a grey beige). Plus, each are embossed with a pretty, golden-hued honey bee. ($83, Chantecaille.com)



The Walking Dead Season Finale. We realize we may be a little obsessed with this show here at TueNight HQ, however if you want to talk about going analog, a zombie apocalypse will certainly do the trick. In addition to living in constant fear of being bitten by smelly dead people, these guys have no iPhone or apps to help get them out of harm’s way. The end of season four has our heroes finally finding Terminus (sans GPS), but is it a haven or a creepy, post-apocalyptic cult? We feel it’s most likely the latter. (Sunday, 9pm EST, AMC)


(Photo Courtesy AMC)


OverbeingwhelmedThe name alone is awesome. Designed and developed by two women, this new app will put your ToDo list on steroids, give you the pleasure of clearing your daily tasks and make room for a little less stress. Your tasks are first organized by what you value most in life (i.e. family, fun, career, health), not necessarily that roll of paper towels you need to pick up or that email you didn’t write yet. And for those of us who love celebrating a crossed-off task, you can share your completed items through “Victories.” (Free, iTunes app store)



Word. NotebooksFor those of you who prefer a more analog ToDo List, Word. notebooks are a delightful, slim, pocket-sized solution. While they’re beautiful to look at, they also feature a subtle-looking but powerful organizing principle — a way to systematize the bullet points, strikethroughs and asterisks we naturally jot down. Purty and kinda perfect. ($10 for a pack of 3, Wordnotebooks.com)

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