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It seems like five minutes ago we were running around in our cut-offs listening to a cassette tape of Prince’s 1999. We were drinking beer, playing Bar Quiz with that cute guy, and then going back to the newspaper to slog away on a story until 2.a.m. We were moving to a shiny new city, becoming a manager, able to afford a DVF wrap dress and the occasional Manhattan-priced martini.

We worked hard. We succeeded. We moved. We got married. We stayed single. We had kids, or we chose not to, or maybe we actually forgot to have kids. Oops.

Some things have settled (and I do mean settled) and some things have simply changed… or evolved.

If we have a “free” night, we’d usually rather cuddle up and binge episodes of Fleabag than go out. But ask us next week, and we might still be up for that martini. We’re running families and businesses, traveling to New Orleans for the weekend, volunteering at a local school, catching up with friends on social media, figuring out how to get the better of our finances, our health, our lives and our loves.

Did I mention, we’re starting a brand new relationship at 46? (He makes furniture.)

We don’t have a roadmap, but we’re looking to invent our own.

We are still living life the way it’s supposed to be lived.

And, bonus! We have perspective.

Our run hasn’t ended yet my friends. In fact, it’s just beginning.

Why TueNight?

TueNight is your night. After your 9-5, we’re your 5-9.

It’s a few minutes out of your busy week to explore where you’ve been and consider where you want to go next.

We share stories about the things that matter to us now — live at our events,  here on the site and in our weekly newsletter: well-honed life hacks, the frontline of dating in your 40s, books and music we know you’ll dig, and tales of people who found the courage to “come out” and be themselves. Even at 46, it’s harder than you think.

We talk to you with zero BS. (Because at this point, who has time for anything but.) We’ll start deep conversations here on TueNight.com, we’ll meet you in person at our TueNight Live events and share hilarious Gen-X-only memes on our TueNighters page on Facebook.

We want to take a wee bit of your Tuesday Night to have a frickin’ blast.

We’re making something together.

Join us TueNight.

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  1. Allison says

    Popped over here on the recommendation of Gretchen at her Happiness site and glad I did! Can SO relate to so many of your topics and stories. (I read your bios and am wondering how you all came to know one another? Maybe on another Tuesday night you could fill us in – it’s always fun to see how people are connected.) Keep up the great work!

  2. Love this idea, and how apt to be reading it on a Tuesday night when I’m doing all of the above — dreaming, scheming, connecting with myself, and planning to find time to read a book once I make it offline!

    Best of luck with it. And shout out to Margit! 🙂

  3. Kimberly says

    This site was recommended to me by a friend and I’m delighted to discover it! The 40’s is indeed the time for “zero BS” and I’m looking forward to the conversations (and hope to be able to contribute some of what little wisdom I’ve developed so far). Great to meet all of you!

  4. Found my way here via Stacy’s “Filling in the Blanks” and am mighty glad that I did. Signing up and sending the link off to another writer that would be a fabulous fit here…
    Bon Continuation!

  5. Sharon says

    Thnx…been waiting 4 this…I send tumblr posts to myself cuz I thought I was the only “Gen X” woman out there-whatever that means. Lowell me in the loop plz.

  6. Sharon says

    Full moon cycle now done-trying to be hip-accidentally breathed on my IPhone & posted w/out checking 4 auto-fill error-can’t come up w/ good excuse for “Lowell” though…’cept some obscure reference to Jack Kerouac. I’m done now. Thnx. Nice site.

  7. Katrina says

    Yay 40s!!! I’m done with all the gen-Y articles about stuff…We gen-Xers are kinda like our parents-the “silent generation” or whatever the term is…

    Excited to have found this page!

  8. Angie says

    Let me just say that I saw a link to this site in an article that was advertised on the AOL news feed. The article was “8 Silly things people say to me when they learn I don’t want kids” and I thought it hit home and was one of the funniest articles that I have read in awhile. I saw the link to this site, and now? I’m hooked. I’ve shared this with my friends and your site is now bookmarked for whenever I need a pick me up, good read. Awesome stuff- I love it!

  9. Kathy says

    What a find! Was led here by an AlterNet feed on Facebook. The byline stated, “The following was originally posted on TueNight.com, a weekly online publication for women to share where they’ve been and explore where they want to go next.” I have to admit, I was hoping I’d finally found a site where I would be able to write/contribute. I’ve been desperately trying to find a supportive, interactive female-voice storytelling space to share my thoughts/ideas. Not that I don’t love the site and articles here – I DO! – and am looking forward to returning often. But, if any of you out there have any suggestions where to find open writing space, please let me know.

  10. Margit, I just found this site via a tweet from @adamquinton about Susan McPherson @susanmp1 (whom I adore!) In reading your “About Us Who is Tue/Night” intro, I’m sitting here, roaring with laughter and sweet (ok, some, not so sweet!) memories of my hard charging career days in the 80s / 90s and where I am now, which isn’t too shabby, though certainly different. By the end of your post, I was hooked and wanted more. I am sooooo signing up for your newsletter. Love the vibe and stories… and more than anything, the truth. Thanks! @JoyceMSullivan ~ as least, that’s one of my identities!

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