At TueNight we are proudly independent but rely on the support of meaningful advertisers and sponsors. We partner with brands who align with our values and appreciate our vibrant, experienced community of Gen-X women. 

Our audience – aka TueNighters — are women:

  • 35-65 — in their prime!
  • affluent
  • influential
  • diverse in race, ethnicity, religion, abilities, and sexual orientation
  • well-educated

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A Few Ways We Can Work Together…

Classified Ads – Only $75! Text-only ad featured in the Classifieds section of our award-winning weekly newsletter. Place your add now
Newsletter Sponsorship
A dedicated email crafted by our editorial team featuring your desired messaging.
Sponsored Post
A sponsored post on written by our team, including social media promotion.
Event Sponsorship
Live online or in-person event collaboration that takes advantage of all of our platforms.
Video Production
Custom video created by TueNight, including intro and exit bumpers and full editorial collaboration.
LinkedIn Article
Bespoke article written by TueNight staff targeted to Gen-X professionals.

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