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Margit Detweiler, Founder, Publisher + Editor-in-Chief of this jam — @Margit

Rather than rattle off a list of places I’ve worked (which you can see here, or here),  this is where I’m at, right now, in this moment: I’m a writer, editor and digital publishing vet / business owner with a punk-rock heart, a Brooklyn apartment and arthritic knees. I’m also a recent cancer survivor and have chronicled my experiences in the TueNight column, Ovarian Rhapsody. My best professional experiences have included a combination of creativity, writing, leadership and a work environment filled with ridiculously talented creative spirits. My secret agenda: I’m trying to build that, from scratch.

My TueNight: Wander late night through street lamp-lit New York City streets with my man, a band and a beer at the Bell House, or cuddled up with turmeric tea, reading the new Prince biography (SO good).


Deesha PhilyawDeesha Philyaw, Editor — @deeshaphilyaw

I’m a writer, editor, and occasional project manager. My fiction and personal essays focus on race, sex, relationships, and culture. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh 20+ years, but my hometown is Jacksonville, Florida, and I’m still a Southern girl at heart. I have an economics degree that I’ve never used, and for a couple of years, I taught elementary school. These days, I love writing about dissatisfied women; I’m enthralled by church ladies, in particular. I also enjoy a good spreadsheet probably more than I should, and a nice glass of Malbec, sometimes at the same time.

My TueNight: Curling up in bed with a good novel or short story collection while listening to old school R&B, or dominating my friends in a rousing game of Black Card Revoked.


Margaret Crandall

Margaret Crandall, Newsletter Editor — @cranniem

I grew up in Washington, DC but have called San Francisco home for the last 19+ years. Spent my 20s up to my eyeballs in the ska scene, my 30s and most of my 40s writing and editing at desk jobs, and now I’m kind of just making it up as I go along. My superpowers are dogsitting, decluttering, and spotting typos from great distances. Midcentury antique stores are my kryptonite.

My TueNight: A quick stop at the local dive bar to say hi to friends (and their dogs), followed by getting sucked into Hulu, Etsy’s vintage caftan department, and/or a library book.

Editorial Advisors

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 6.19.31 PM

Karen Gerwin, @KarenGerwin

I’ve always loved storytelling, and it seemed like a dream come true to discover I could get paid to read books. But, after nearly 20 years in the publishing world, I needed a change. I had the most fun co-creating the Twitter parody account @paulryangosling with my soul sisters, The Mouthy Housewives, then spent two years snarking on Brooklyn’s favorite family-friendly neighborhood at F***ed in Park Slope. I had a blast rocking the TueDo List for TueNight for five years!

My TueNight: Listening to Martha Wainright and reading the latest Jhumpa Lahiri…or, you know, drinking pinot grigio and watching The Real Housewives.


Adrianna Dufay, @ProleDufay

As a girl, I made a pact with myself that I would be everything when I grew up. I’ve worked on an assembly line, in a lumber mill, as a waitress, preschool teacher, political fundraiser, proofreader and actor. I’ve spent a decade as a product manager and director. I currently work with my husband @macpremo, producing and managing his art studio. My passion is making things collaboratively, and my superpower is helping people stay calm under pressure.

My TueNight: Make a tasty dinner with daughters and husband, then on to drinks at a wine bar with friends.

Thank Yous

Quick thanks to a few more folks who have made this she-bang possible over the years: Darian, Justine, Brooke, Mark, Deanna, Kat, Helen, Erica, David, Kristin, Laura, Elke, Molly, Nancy, Michelle, Susan, Stacy. You rock.

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