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Now That I’m Over 40, I Cannot and I Will Not… (VIDEO)

“Stop cursing like a sailor!” “Stop having adventures.” “Wear Spanx.”

Hell to the yes, sister.

We asked several women over 40 about the things they can’t stop/ won’t stop doing, now that they (we) are grown-ass women.

We filmed this at our last TueNight Live event in Manhattan, sponsored by AARP (High five AARP! We love our sponsors!) and we’re so happy to have them sponsor this video. It’s all part of their mission to reinvent what it means to age — aka #DisruptAging.

So now that YOU are over 40, what’s the thing you won’t stop doing? Watch this video and then tell us in the comments below. We’ll be rounding them up to share, compare and celebrate. No effs left to give. We’re #NobodysMaam


  1. Stacy Morrison
    Stacy L Morrison says

    Yessssss. I will never stop swearing, wearing leather, talking about sex, having sex, and will definitely never stop continuing to do whatever I damn well please.

  2. Ruth Gallogly says

    Traveling the world. Getting down on the dance floor. Scaling mountains. Enjoying a well mixed cocktail. Being true to myself–and becoming more and more myself the older I get.

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