10 Healthy Hacks for the New Year


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It’s cold, you and your family want to cozy up by a fire — or at least some binge-able tv — and life should be easy. But can it be healthy, too? Please?

Here at TueNight we’ve come up with a few of our favorite wellness, nutritional and fitness hacks to keep 2016 focused on a healthy lifestyle.

You’re welcome.

1. Bag Carrots for You! When you pack your kids’ lunch, make an extra little baggie of baby carrots for yourself. Put them immediately in your purse. Eat them when you’re standing in line at the post office and stave off your afternoon candy craving.

2. Make it Easy to Eat Together. You’re more likely to make better foods for your family than you would for yourself. If everyone doesn’t like the same food, keep it easy by using a variety of tasty Healthy Choice Café Steamers which come in a variety of flavors. The adults might dig the spicy Southwestern Style Chicken, and little Ruby always goes for the Meatball Marinara.

6_SW chicken_ed
Healthy Choice Southwestern Style Chicken

3. Move in Micro-Increments. Set the timer on your phone for one minute of jumping jacks. Don’t feel guilty you’re not doing more, just do that much.

4. Cook Less, Do More! We all want 2016 to be a productive year for ourselves and our families, so having a few microwaveable meals on hand makes it easy. We love the comforting (and all natural!) Healthy Choice Simply Grilled Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo on a cold winter’s night. In 4 minutes, dinner is served.

5. Chill for 10 Minutes. Experts say you can reset your day and relax your mind with only 10 minutes of silent meditation. We love the Headspace app which makes meditation easy, doable and idiot-proof.

6. Jump Start Your Healthier Eating. Take a break after all that holiday candy and Aunt Betty’s yam casserole (don’t ask), by going lo-carb, vegetarian or gluten-free for a week. Healthy Choice Café Steamers offer many choices in each category that you can weave around other meals you prepare.

7. Buddy Up For Something New. We all know that having a workout buddy helps you keep your fitness on track, but to shake things up, why not take a new class or try a new sport with your fitness buddy? This is 2016 after all, time for some change to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

8. Eat Frozen. Frozen fruits might be pricier, but there’s nothing better than having at-the-ready blueberries, cherries or mangos for healthy smoothies. And you don’t have to watch that banana rot.

9. Write it Out + Plan Ahead. Our own Helen Jane Hearn is a master of the meal plan. Every Sunday she writes out her family’s meals in a beautiful list that gets tacked to the bulletin board — everyone is clamoring to see what makes the cut. Personally we’re all about Thursday’s sausage fest!

10. Steam! Healthy Choice’s inventive Café Steamers system allows the steam to happen without cumbersome pots (and clean up). You can pop one right in the microwave and the double-layered dish creates crisp veggies, juicy proteins and perfectly cooked grains.

2_meatball marinara out of package_ed
Healthy Choice Meatball Marinara. The Café Steamers come in their own special steam bowl.


After heating up the ingredients, you mix the pasta and meatballs with the sauce.


5_meatball marinara closeup_e
And you’re done! Yum!

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