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11 Problem-Solving Tech Gifts & Apps

To me, a tech gift is a romantic gift. What is more loving than solving major problems in my life so that I may live more seamlessly? Dreamy. Here I offer problem-solvers for every kind of person you know. They will adore you — and hopefully not be too annoyed that you’re trying to fix their issues.

1. For the Stressed: The Muse

Place this stress-reducing contraption around your head and it actually senses the electrical activity of your brain. Pair it with an app called Calm and it walks you through a series of guided, chill-out exercises. You have to fiddle with it to make sure it’s adjusted correctly, but once it is, it’s a pretty effective way to reinforce those five minutes of meditation.


The Muse headset

The Muse (Photo: Courtesy

2. For the Person Who Could Be a Little Neater: The Stash Catchall

We love the bright colors and sleek design of this simple, smart cord, coin and “stuff” container. Enable your inner Joan Crawford: No more wires!


Modco Stash

The Stash Catchall (Photo: Courtesy

3. For the Person Whose Headphones Aren’t Quite Chic Enough: Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones

These things are like the Gucci of headphones, so glamorous, modern and a little disco. The noise-cancelling feature is reportedly strong, meaning you can have that conference call in the middle of Starbucks.


Parrot Zik headphones

Parrot Zik headphones (Photo: Courtesy

4. For the Perennially Uncharged

You know that friend, constantly texting you, “My phone is about to die, so whatever you do DON’T…” And, gone. Last year we mentioned the still-awesome Everpurse. Here are a few more ways to keep your powerless-pal powered up:

  • Tough Tested Solar-Powered Battery Charger, $100,
  • Lenmar Meridian Battery Case for iPhone 5 and 5S, $30,
  • Alpatronix iPhone 6 battery case,  $48,
The Lenmar Meridian iPhone charging case

The Lenmar Meridian (Photo: Courtesy

5. For the Kid Who Needs to Step Away From the Screen: Osmo

Online truly meets offline in this super cool gaming system. An iPad attachment (that includes reflective artificial intelligence) allows kids (ages six and up) to connect real world, physical play with puzzles, word games and more.


Osmo game iPad

Osmo (Photo: Courtesy

6. For the Forgetful: Tile

This little square isn’t new, but it’s so simple and useful we had to mention it. I haven’t lost my keys in months — and that’s saying something. Affix this little square to anything you think you might misplace.

$25 for one Tile,

Tile App

The Tile (Photo: Courtesy

 7. For the Procrastinating Writer: the Polar Pen

Spark the muse with this elegant pen that’s made of a series of stackable magnets. It also doubles as a smartphone stylus, a compass and more.


The Polar Pen

The Polar Pen (Photo: Courtesy

8. For the Travelling Audiophile: Logitech Mini Boom

This tip comes from contributor Sloane Davidson who writes, “I travel with own speaker now. It’s not as weird as it sounds if you have this mini boom.”


Logitech Mini Boom

Logitech Mini Boom (Photo: Courtesy

Helpful Holiday Apps & Sites

Finally, a few new shopping-related apps and sites we’re loving:

1. Shyp

I am officially obsessed with Shyp. I photograph a picture of the items I want to ship with my Shyp app, plug in the address and in about 10 minutes some friendly person is ringing my doorbell with a bag to whisk my stuff away, pack it and ship it. It blows my mind every time. They charge a flat rate of $5 and find the lowest cost/ fastest carrier to ship the item. And now they’re offering gift wrapping from Brit+Co as well. Guaranteed Christmas Day delivery if you use Shyp by Dec 23rd at 2pm. Available in NYC, San Francisco and Miami.

Shyp App is free and first-time customers can get $10 in free shipping and gift wrap using the code TUENIGHT


Shyp gift-wrap and shipping

Shyp’s wrapping paper and shipping service. (Photo courtesy

2. TheTake

TheTake is Shazam for movies — see a groovy pair of sunglasses in a movie that you’d love to have? The app listens to the film’s audio, identifies the scene and if it’s tagged any items it allows you to buy it right then and there. Almost too easy (you can see the future of product placement). Even cooler for the cinephile, the app notes key locations in a scene so you can locate where a scene was shot.

Free, iTunes

3. MomsWithApps

Since kids will be getting lots and lots of tablet, phablets and assorted electronic ephemera this season, MomsWithApps is a nifty website and community that helps parents make the right app choices. The site surveys other parents and rates apps that are safe, educational, fun, and with in-depth criteria.

More Shopping to Be Had:

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