10 Songs to Whet Your Appetite

There’s nothing like hunger to get a starving-artist songwriter thinking. At least I think that’s true, based on the sheer number of songs dedicated to culinary delights, real and imagined. Herewith a playlist of tasty-sounding songs that celebrate all things scrumptious.

1. Church by Lyle Lovett

You shouldn’t start a meal without a moment of gratitude for the labor of those who made it possible, so we’ll start with a Texas prayer that celebrates gospel, country cookin’ and comedy. Lovett’s trapped in a church service where the preacher just won’t wrap up the sermon and let the congregation get to all the deliciousness that awaits it in the parish hall. So he takes matters into his own hands. The message: Even God wants you to get some of that good cornbread.

2. Black Coffee in Bed by Squeeze

Technically coffee’s not breakfast, but when all you have left is a stain where your love’s coffee cup once was, well, maybe that’s all you feel like eating today. Though I’ll point out that many a strained relationship could be saved if the partners just surprised each other with a bedside delivery of delicious java once in a while.

3. Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America

Before you can dive into the sweet stuff, you kids have to eat your vegetables and fruits. The Presidents of the USofA say so. But maybe they need a little visit to a farmer’s market or a pick-your-own farm. Because the lyrics “Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory downtown” indicate a severe case of nature deficit disorder. Nevertheless, enjoy the juiciness.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup by Webstar and Young B

Nothing better than a nice steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup. Though maybe not during a Harlem heat wave. And maybe water or milk instead of the soda on the side. But definitely nothing better than the ability to bust out the Chicken Noodle Soup dance on demand. That we can all agree on. Watch and learn.

5. Candy by Iggy Pop

There were a lot of choices for the “Candy” slot on the playlist: “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow, “Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground, or even “Candy Girl” by New Edition. However, even though this song refers to a girl named Candy and not the food itself, Iggy Pop (with the help of The B-52s’ vocalist Kate Pierson) gets the bid. For no other reason than the fact I wish Kate Pierson and Iggy would release a song every week.

6.  Honeypot by Bob Schneider

Trying to cut back on sugar? Agave may be trending, but it’s not inspiring anyone to new lyrical heights. Honey, on the other hand, is a whole ‘nother story. Of the millions of honey-covered songs, I’m choosing this one from Schneider’s 2012 album, A Perfect Day. Because I like him a lot.

7. Milkshake by Kelis

Her milkshake not only packs a calcium punch, but it brings all the boys to the yard. Because while good nutrition is important, so is physical activity. Drink that milkshake, but you better be prepared to shake it off. If you can’t move like Kelis and her waitress friends, just head out to the yard with the rest of the boys and play a game of dodgeball …. or something.

8. Cold Beverage by G. Love and Special Sauce

Sometimes the simplest songs are the most profound. “I like cold beverage, yeah. I like cold beverage, yeah. I like cold beverage, yeah,” sing the Philly funksters. OMG, me TOO! “Stick it in the fridge, stick it in the fridge,” they recommend. YES. To make them cold. It all makes sense now.

9. All You Can Eat by The Fat Boys

At this point in the playlist, you may be feeling stuffed. But you were promised all-you-can-eat food-related songs, so make a little more room. This one comes from the 1985 movie Krush Groove, an underappreciated gem of cinematic triumph that doubled as a Sbarro ad.

10. Chocolate Cake by Crowded House

What better way to finish up a tasty meal of tasty songs than with a big slice of chocolate cake? Plenty of people think that this single from the band’s 1991 album Woodface spelled the beginning of the end for Crowded House’s mainstream commercial appeal, because it poked fun at the outsized American appetite. But in fact, it was a calculated move intended to separate out fans that lacked a sense of humor. Job done, fellows! And thanks for the yummy Chocolate Cake!

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