14 Ways to Be an Ally Right Now

(Photo: Chanel Dubofsky)

The physical and emotional well being of our friends and families require that we show up. This means leveraging our privilege, should it come in the form of religion, class, gender, race, etc., to fight against the tide of awfulness that’s coming.

Here are some ways to do it:

1. Walk folks who have been specifically targeted by Trump (Muslims, Latinos, etc) home. This form is for New Yorkers who are willing to accompany their neighbors on their commute in light of recent harassment and threats toward people of color, LGBTQ folks, and Muslims.

2. Diversify your media consumption. If everyone you follow on Twitter is white and straight, and if you’re getting all your news from CNN, you’re doing it wrong.

3. Do not dismiss or diminish people’s fear. People are not overreacting, and it’s not your job to tell them to be positive.

4. Distribute information to other allies so targeted folks don’t have more work to do.

5. Make yourself available to friends who need help/support securing a passport, going to the doctor, and other things folks need to do before January.

6. Don’t unfriend or ignore people you know who voted for Trump, engage them.

7. Interrupt confrontation/harassment when you see it.

8. Be visible and generous with your solidarity and support.

9. Get into the streets. There are, and will be, no shortage of opportunities to protest Trump.

10. Be mindful of language. You can criticize Melania Trump without making it about her gender and perpetuating toxic slut-shaming.

11. Hoard and distribute things like Plan B (which lasts for 3-4 years) and other stuff to help folks maintain sexual and reproductive health.

12. If you can vote, keep voting, especially in local elections, where the potential to impact change is great.

13. Push your own boundaries.

14. Process your feelings and build anti-racist coalitions with other like-minded white folks.

Remember: It has never been okay for many of us. Let’s do what we can to help everyone.

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