5 Non-Book Gifts to Get Your Favorite Writer

Writers are not easy to shop for. They’ve usually read every book already known to man (or, they already know all about the book you plan to buy and have no interest in reading it), are very picky about the pens they use (in my experience, at least) and have been receiving journals and notebooks for every birthday and holiday since they day they started writing. So what to do? The following five non-book gifts add a little fun flair to the world of a writer, ones we think they’ll find quite noteworthy.

1. Paddywax Jane Austen Library Candle

There’s a whole collection of these fabulous Paddywax author candles (not to mention diffusers and travel tins), which includes literary greats like Emily Dickenson, Oscar Wilde and Leo Tolstoy. Each soy candle is adorned with a quote from the author, which is one of the reasons why I like Ms. Austen’s the best: “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort,” she said. That’s my kinda gal. I also adore the scent, which is filled with notes of gardenia, tuberose and jasmine.

$25, Paddywax.com 

2. Kate Spade Required Reading Bon Shopper

How can you use the term “nerd alert” when speaking about anything made by Kate Spade? It’s impossible, which is why this intricately detailed, old-school-library-catalog tote is a must for any writer who’s been around for a while. Or, you can buy one for that aspiring young novelist on your list, who may not have a clue how to do research without a computer, but will love this nevertheless because it’s made by the one and only Kate Spade.

$136, Katespade.com

3. Aqua Notes

Oh Aqua Notes, where have you been all my life?!? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped out of the shower, often in mid-shampoo, to jot down an idea that I fear I’ll forget in five minutes. These waterproof “Shower Thinkers” are perfect for anyone whose creative juices start flowing when the water runs and the refreshing body wash starts to kick in. I plan to start buying them in bulk.

$7, Myaquanotes.com

4. ModCloth Quote Couture Earrings

Absolutely adorable. Any female writer who loves jewelry will appreciate these delicate, gold-plated quotation mark studs earrings. They give a whole new meaning to term “”You can quote me on that.”

$10, Modcloth.com

5. Demeter Paperback Pick-Me-Up-Spray

From Lava Rock to Orange Rim Cleaner, Demeter is known for its wide range of interesting and obscure scents. Paperback may not be the standout scent one would wear to a party, but the sweet, musty smell of aged paper is so wonderfully reminiscent of a library or a writer’s studio. It’s a great author’s stocking stuffer, for sure.

$20, Demeterfragrance.com

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