Tripole Mini Handheld Fan

A Tiny Handheld Fan Makes a Big Difference

I always thought handheld fans were, well, stupid. But now I’m obsessed. Maybe it’s because it’s been a hot-as-hell summer. Maybe it’s because of these persistent hot flashes. Or maybe it’s because the fans work. I made the discovery through my daughter. I saw her sitting there using hers and I told her: “You look ridiculous.” And she did. The fan was barely bigger than her phone. There was no way it could be keeping her cool in any real way. But then she turned her fun-sized fan toward me.

The strong steady breeze immediately erased the beads of sweat forming on my forehead, despite being in an air-conditioned room. It was so refreshing. And surprising. “Where did you get this?” I wanted to know. “Amazon, Ma. I ordered it on Amazon.”

So I headed over to Amazon and there they were: Handheld fans in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Some have folding handles. Some use batteries. Some come with built-in chargers. Some have no handle at all. Most are under twenty bucks!

I chose this simple black one that comes with a charging cord and a detachable, adjustable string that allows me to hang it from my neck or my wrist. It has two speeds and produces a strong but silent breeze. And now when I am on the subway platform (which is rare these days) or the park, or even in my home office working, I can keep cool in emergencies.

My daughter uses hers often — mainly to prevent her makeup from melting. I use my handheld fan to prevent ME from melting, so, no, I will never let it go!

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