Borrowed From the Boys: Me in My Dad’s Jacket

The photo above was taken of me when I was about four or five. My mom and dad were getting ready to go out for the night, and I wanted in on the action. Which is when I threw my dad’s jacket on over my housecoat and announced that I was coming with them.

If I remember correctly, I also had my mother’s silver silk pumps on at this time, but you can’t see them in the photo. This makes sense because I was always trying to walk around the house in my mother’s shoes.

The desire to wear men’s jackets stuck with me at that point. I’m always buying men’s jackets and blazers and having them tailored to fit me. As a curvy, duck-billed platypus version of both my parents (I have my paternal side’s hourglass torso with a long waist, I have the maternal side’s long, lean limbs), buying women’s blazers right off the rack is really hard for me. Which is why you always see me at thrift stores, nabbing men’s jackets and then promptly taking them to the tailor at my dry cleaners, where he cuts and shapes them.

If you’re busty, try this trick yourself: it will save you money and a LOT of struggling with clothes that aren’t cut to suit you. Also, don’t get frustrated when that happens. You vote with your wallet every time you buy something. If they won’t make it to fit you, go buy something that does. No weeping, no rending of garments. Done.

Every item of clothing in this post is vintage from a thrift store, actually. The accessories are the only “new items” on me. I could spend my life scouring through old clothes. I love the smell, I love the broken-in nature and I love that they come to me “pre-loved.” The more broken in the item is, the more I’ll want it. They remind me of rolling around in my parent’s respective wardrobes as a child, imagining all the fun I’d have once I was bigger…and oh what fun it is.

What I’m Wearing: All items in this post are vintage from Beacon’s Closet in New York City except the accessories: Rebecca Minkoff bag with chain strap (used as a necklace) is no longer available, but this is cute; Monika Chiang bracelet, ASOS AviatorsNine West pumps

All photos (except the first one of me in my dad’s coat) by Giafrese.

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