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Classic, Chic & Covetable — Gifts With Style

The gifts I tend to give most are always on the bold side, color or print-wise — that’s where I have my fun. But the items themselves are always more classic, which makes it more likely they’ll get used and loved.

TN118_style_1_7201. Gold Tote

This chic metallic carryall will only get better with age, and — improbable though it may seem — really does go with everything.


TN118_style_2_7202. Brightly Colored Gloves

I love the hand-knit look of these, and the crazy-bright color combination is like an instant shot of happiness.


TN118_style_3_7203. Neroli Soap Cube

I pretty much never stop going on about The Soap & Paper Factory, because they put out such a great looking — and super high-quality — product. Their soaps in particular are packaged so beautifully that they render wrapping paper totally unnecessary.


TN118_style_4_7204. C.O. Bigelow Eucalyptus Body Scrub

Just exactly the right scent for deep winter cleansing, from the renowned beauty mecca in Greenwich Village, C.O. Bigelow.


TN118_style_5_7205. Snakeskin Print Sweatshirt

So much more chic for weekend lounging than your average sweatshirt, and I love the strategically placed side zippers.



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