Margit's Note

Margit’s Note: A Bloody Good Issue

(Graphic: Kat Borosky/ TueNight)

Period. What other word can simultaneously represent major “ugh” as well as the most innocuous of punctuation?

We’re moving through blood, space and time — backwards to when we first screamed at our own undies, and forward to when it all just stops.

As Tweens II (you know I can’t bear to say the phrase “middle-aged”), we’re beginning to prep our daughters in a way that feels shame-free and honest; and prep ourselves for the change (pronounced as Linda Richman would) in the same way.

We ain’t kicking up our heels and singing along with Menopause the Musical, friends. But the girls are alright.

This Week:

And A Few More Lady Bits:

  • Remembering the Flow: The folks at HelloFlo are offering $10 off their care packages and monthly plans. Special delivery for your hoo-ha. Use the code “TUENIGHT” in their shop.  (Coupon expires 12/31/2014)
  • Spreading the Seed: The is hosting a fantastic line-up of expert panelists this Wednesday (11/12) on The New Fertility: Anything Goes” — sex, pregnancy, fertility, egg-freezing and more. No question is a dumb question, people. TueNight readers can get a discounted rate at only $5 by using the code “ListEvent15.”

That’s it. Period.