A Hairy Week

My nine-year-old nephew asked me, “You have 52 weeks in a year, why would you waste one on hair?”

Oh honey. For better or worse, we are obsessed with our hair. It speaks before we do. It’s our way to hide a little, or scream from across the parking lot. And as we age it shifts into something new.  We adjust or we let it be.  Most of us maintain it with obsessive regularity — those salon visits, hairbrushings, and conversations  foster connections to our friends, our mothers, ourselves.

If you’re a fan of the follicle, this week’s edition is just for you — it’s one of our most jam-packed “themes” yet.  From pink to gray, curly to big, natural to chemically saturated — it’s a hairy week.

From Our Friends: Take a peek at our friends over at The Mash-Up Americans who — in tandem with TueNight (after a lengthy brunch discussion) — offer their own take on multi-cultural hair.

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Oh and why the above photo of The Runaways? Because my friends, that is hair. (It also looks like every babysitter I had in the 70s.)



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