Like a Fine, Badass, Wine

(Photo Courtesy of Kristin Perers,

This week we’re talking about the word AGED. Not necessarily as in “aged and infirm” (well, the knees are creaky) but the idea of improved with time — yes, Orson Welles, like a fine wine, great cheese, soft leather, our “experienced” brains.

I stumbled over an amazing blog this week, This is 50. Blogger Kristin Perers shoots the most sumptuous photos of women in their 50s, living life to the hilt. This picture of the woman standing in just a robe on an old car pretty much summed it up for me. Gorgeous. Check it out.

This week:

Cecilly Kellogg defends her hot red lipstick.

Piers Marchant shares four well-aged films (and one whippersnapper).

Melissa Myambo couldn’t wait to get old in Africa.

Todd Coopee looks at 5 classic toys, then and now.

We launch another installment of “You Should Know,” which is all about buying leather.

Teresa gives us Dailola’s take in Dailola Weekly.

And finally, Susan Linney remembers the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. At 46, one, of the greatest actors of our time. Let’s remember him that way.



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