Margit’s Note: Are You Wearing One?

Born free

“Are any of us wearing bras?!”

Back when we’d publish TueNight in the mornings (until we realized, “hey this thing is called TueNIGHT, we should probably launch AT NIGHT), Susan, Adrianna, Kat and myself would often segue bleary-eyed from bed to coffee to laptop at 7 a.m. without ever strapping in.

Ok, TMI. But you know you do it too, when you can.

Plumber shows up, we’ll just pile on that zip-up hoodie. Or not. Scandalous.

Even Susan — who has fantastic bra advice this week — admits to dashing to the drugstore bra-less. Then there’s Adrianna who got married sans bra.

We love our girls — harnessed or free. Sometimes these strange appendages bug us, sometimes we flaunt them shamelessly. They can offer nourishment or a great deal of pain. Extreme satisfaction or utter embarrassment.  And occasionally, we forget they’re even there.

This week we’re circumventing the globes.


Ok, ok, I’ll go put one on.



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