Margit’s Note: Go Back, Jack, Do it Again

After seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch for the third time last week in the span of about three months, my husband told me I officially qualify as a super fan. Which means I need to go a fourth time while John Cameron Mitchell is still in, before Darren Criss (I just can’t) and once the amazing Rebecca Naomi Jones replaces the incredible Lena Hall as Yitzhak (Hed-heads you feel me?). It’s like seeing the best rock show of your life, over and over. This is no cheap endeavor.

Typically, I’m not someone who likes to do things over and over. I can’t stand re-watching a movie or a TV show I’ve already seen, except a very specific handful. Only five I can think of. It’s a pretty loopy list. They are (and these are not necessarily recommendations!):

  1. Grease. Seen five times as an 11-year old and countless times since. You too, I’m sure.
  2. Bedazzled. Not the 1967 original, even. The cheesy Harold Ramis remake with Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley as “The Devil.” Critically panned, but — come on — wildly underrated. I’m on my own island on this one. Fun, ensemble comedic acting and Orlando Jones, Toby Huss and Fraser are fall-off-the-couch funny. It’s actually a movie I can quote — which is also something I never, ever aim to do. It should be noted that Miriam Shor, who starred in the original off-Broadway Hedwig, is also in this. I sense a theme here.
  3. Let the Right One In. Scary, bleak, Swedish, brilliant vampire flick with the most memorable child actors you’ll ever see. I love everything about this film.
  4. An American Werewolf in London. A few weekends ago, I somehow stumbled into watching An American Werewolf in London and was glued for maybe the eighth time. There’s something about Werewolf that tosses me back to 1981. Down vests! Fair Isle sweaters! Aside from my huge crush on David Naughton (see: “Making It” and Dr. Pepper), this was probably the first scary movie I’d ever seen, first delicious sex scene I’d ever watched (Jenny Agutter is fetching as the all-too-accommodating nurse) and the mix of terror, kitsch, emotion and comedy grabs me every time. In hindsight, not the most appropriate movie for a young teen, but that was then. Also, I love that Griffin Dunne is back as an actor.
  5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Finally, as I just discovered at my dentist’s office (he smartly has headphones and a TV), I need to add Kimmy to my list. There are few TV shows that are so chockfull of hilarity and quirky references that you discover something new every time. Thank you Tina Fey. However, while the show kept me in good spirits during a filling, I don’t recommend it because I almost laughed the drill out of my mouth.

If you can find a connection to why these movies hold a place in my heart, please explain. I’m sure you have your own repeat offenders — tell me what they are! I’d love to know.

This week, we’re all about the second time around — the shows, music, movies from our past that are resurfacing in our present. Cue up the VCR:

And a few more Rerun-related ditties from around the way:

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