Margit’s Note: Balance?!?

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Work-Life balance? Ha.

Magazines tell us we need to achieve it — that we need to streamline our to-do lists and apportion our “me-you-them”  time until we get the perfect, world-wide recognized system of yin and yang.

Well guess what, not gonna happen. Ever.

This week we’re sharing real stories of daily balancing acts, how we juggle and keep the plates spinning all at once. How they come crashing to the ground. How we get by.

We’re also introducing a new/ old column. We’ve brought my old Tumblr, “What’s Your System“, into the TueNight family as a regular column.  What’s Your System is about real people’s tricks for getting stuff done; life hacks, if you will. We all have those little tweaks we do every day to make our lives easier, and sometimes they’re incredibly creative, and sometimes they’re incredibly strange.

Over the next two weeks we’ll highlight some of our best posts (you can find the rest of the posts in our archives and for now still on Tumblr. Until we figure out how to balance both… or not.)

Let’s celebrate imbalance!

This week:

And much more…

See you on the see saw.



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