Editor’s Note: Buddy, Buddy

This week goes out to our ride-or-die chicks (and dudes). The ones we’ve been sworn to since we were 12 (Hey, Teresa!), the ones we’ve bonded with through recent circumstances and even the ones who’ve quietly, sadly slipped away.

How and why we choose our besties is a mystery of time, circumstance and sometimes similar pairs of glasses. (Hey, Stacy!) But we can always count on them, no matter what — even if we haven’t spoken with them in years. We pick up the phone, and there they are, still cracking us up. (Hey, Diane. Love you, girl.)

Is it still easy to make new best friends in our 40s and beyond? As our lives become more settled, we’re pickier about what we want. We may think we have less time for spontaneous connections (unless they’re through our kids, our dog or a yoga class), but we’re still craving new, close, dynamic friendships as our lives evolve. And women are particularly good at making new friends later in life. Which, come to think of it, is partly why TueNight has occasional live events — it’s a time to maybe meet a new like-minded grown-up.



We have switched things up here a bit. After weeks of “nasty women,” “pussy-grabbing” and utter anti-woman mouth vomit from a certain politician, we’ve decided to take back the term, postpone our TueNight event to November 3 and call it (wait for it) Pussy Party.  We’ll have wine, snacks and fantastic storytellers. Get all the details here. (And yes, it’s on a Thursday — but you make compromises for best friends, right?)

People who attend our events often say the best things about them are the other women they meet, the conversations they have and the friends they make. So you never know — come out and make a new pal. We hope you’ll join us!

In the meantime, let’s hear from our friends:

Thanks bud,


(Illustration: Erica Hornung/TueNight)

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  1. Stacy Morrison

    xoxox thanks for the shout-out, my lovely, talented, beautiful, genius FRIEND. xoxo


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