Margit’s Note: Can I Sit Here?

I feel a little ill-qualified to discuss this week’s issue. I don’t have little ones going off to school and I very rarely took a school bus. If we couldn’t snag a ride from my Dad, my sister and I usually walked to school, about a 15 minute trudge. We took all kinds of circuitous routes through a golf course, through tennis courts, slowly past the boy’s school, down sidewalk-less streets. We’d sometimes pick up other friends along the way. All of us sporting our magic marker-decorated bookbags, cooly slung over one shoulder.

One day my sister and I were walking to school when we noticed the new substitute teacher walking behind us — clearly following us because she was lost. For some mean 14 -and 11-year-old reasoning, we decided to take our craziest route that included a trek through a bramble-filled ravine and a steep incline. As we ran down the rocky hill (the speed helped!) she followed us. When we turned around she was gone. Later that day she showed up to English class with a bandaged, sprained ankle. All parties were silent — she didn’t want to admit she’d been following us, and we didn’t want to admit we saw her. The guilt lasted a few days; the hilarity a lifetime.

This week:

Adrianna Dufay has wise advice for the 2014 school lunch.

Aliza Sherman writes about the importance of a wild imagination — despite all those mean girls.

Dori Fern sends her daughter off to college. And cries. A lot.

Julie Parr remembers Betty, boss of the bus.

Jody Jones pens an ode to an ‘80s station wagon.

Jennifer Hill reminiscences about back-to-school time.

And Bethanne Patrick honors our teachers in Front to Backlist.

Get on the bus!



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