Margit’s Note: Flick on the Switch

We turn on the light and we don’t think much about it. Behind that switch plate are wires that run through the wall, out to the street, on to a power plant where the power is generated. There’s a source, but we never really see it. That is until things go dark, the power shuts down and we’re fumbling around for flashlights. Where does this little switch go anyway?

We often think about power as the switch, winning an election, making SVP. But there’s a complex network feeding that power, a network of knowledge, access, money, strength. A light goes off, we’re caught off guard and we realize we need to investigate — and challenge — the mechanisms that prevent us from power.

That’s Feminism.

Challenging and confronting a powerful network that keeps us from making more than 71 percent of what men make, feeling safe and secure when we walk out the door, or even playing baseball.

Hey, Mo’ne.

Because if you’re the best player out there, you should be on the team.

This week we’re feeling the charge:

Fist bump,


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