Margit’s Note: Good Day Sunshine

We’ve been holed up…

It has been a long, hard winter here on this coast of the country, and now we squint into the sunlight, bare our legs and arms, sport shorty shorts before they’re deemed appropriate because we CAN’T WAIT for a life outside.

Al fricking fresco.

Hand me some mint iced tea or a crisp Vermentino, a good book (thank you Bethanne), and I’ll just prop my bare feet up on this lounge chair here. Ahhh.

This all means making yourself more presentable, of course. Manicuring one’s bits a bit more. Socks, I already miss you. Toes, I’m happy to see you. Oh the conundrum.

It’s time to face the world, your neighbors, the trees, with that precious mug you’ve been hiding.

So this week, we’re coming out…

See you in the sun.



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