Margit’s Note: Hey, Thanks

It’s a rough day to try and be thankful.

But there is something almost apropos that the Ferguson decision happened only a few days before Thanksgiving. Daring us to find our better angels. Find the commonality, find the hugs, find the conversation that needs to happen.

For me, there’s a lot to be thankful for: health; family; a roof; the Metrocard that gets me where I need to go. a hot coffee in the morning; a book that changes my mind.

And as TueNight, we’re most thankful for the community of diverse voices that share their brave, hilarious, surprising and insightful voices with us every week. You are everything.

This Week:

And a Few Ways We Can Help Ferguson — And Give Back

Safe travels, happy thanksgiving — and talk to someone who’s not like you. You’ll be grateful.



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