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(Photo: Nancy Gonzalez, TueNight)

Margit’s Note: Hiya Pop

(Photo: Nancy Gonzalez, TueNight)

We’re all about Pop this week. And we don’t mean our daily can of carbonated fizz. We’re talking about dear old Dad.

Corny jokes, clutch advice (from boys to business), military-length pants, the same haircut since he was 10, stirred vodka martinis (sorry Bond), someone to aspire to.

In this day and age of mommy bloggers, Dads get an underrated rap — as Bethanne notes in her piece this week. Dads, of course, are half of what made us. Some of us struggle with that father-daughter dance — we all do at one time or another. Maybe he was “the fun one” Maybe he was there every day. Maybe he wasn’t there at all. And many of us don’t have a father anymore to ring up on the phone to just say, “Hey there Dad, watcha doing?”

We don’t take that for granted. We just love em.

This week:

Here’s to Fathers everywhere!



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