Margit’s Note: Ho Ho Hectic

At the risk of sounding Scrooge, I too, would love to ban “busy” — the holiday kind of busy. Not so much the word, but the whole concept.

Lately, I feel like I’ve lost my mind in crazy-making holiday tasks. Up at 2 a.m. trying to get Picmonkey-fancy with my holiday card; crafting a collaborative spreadsheet with my husband where we can track gifts, cards, tips for folks like Johnny, the UPS guy who leaves a note every year reminding us. (This comprehensive tipping guide, while amazing, had me in a panic.) And hey, the holiday spirit is meant to be about family, cherishing loved ones, giving, and drinking too much glug, right?

So I hereby announce that we’re taking one week of chill. The TueNight crew will be off next week, celebrating with the aforementioned loved ones, and we’ll resume our regularly scheduled editions on December 30. (It’s a goodie, too.)

But this week we’ve got our 2nd Gift Guide — which ideally should save you some time and headache. Great picks herein:

Shop — and then drop. Zzzzz.

Have a wonderful, relaxing Holiday everyone!



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