Margit’s Note: It Ain’t Easy

It’s a Masters jacket, it’s a smoothie with healthy stuff in it, it’s an envious glare, it’s a recycling bucket, it’s cold hard cash and it’s tomorrow. (Oh, crap!)

This week we’re going #Green. We’re being smarter about our cash and putting plastic forks in the right receptacle. Earth Day (April 22 officially) and Tax Day (I’m not hyperlinking you) are both about giving back, sigh. And sustainability isn’t just the grass on your roof, it’s having a stable economy, being able to raise a family, having money in the bank, saving for retirement. — and women really need to save. Today is also Equal Pay Day.

So consider this week your lime-colored, give-back mash-up.

It’s weird to think that our perception about taking care of Mother Earth has shifted in our lifetime. It wasn’t that long ago we were throwing out cans with the cat food — now I might even have a bin of mulch-making worms in my very own apartment. OK I didn’t say I did, just that I might. Ok, I should. (And I know that’s a naughty “should” statement but, really, who wants to have worms in their apartment?!)

Ok, we never picnicked-and-dashed like Mad Men, but we gave a hoot — even if now we know that “Iron Eyes Cody” shedding a tear over trash, was in fact Italian all along. At least now we bring our reusable tote to the grocery store — even if our tech lust is creating black sludge in Mongolia. But then there’s this CNN Hero making a difference with her babysitting money. Does it all work out in the end?

Hopefully, we think global and act local. We’ve grown up as globalism grows stronger; we understand that if something goes wrong in Japan, it affects all of us. And that the greening of the world is not so much about saving the planet, it’s about saving our own ass. The world will still be here, we won’t.

So let’s be a little selfish. And with Kermit as our muse, we admit that it’s not always easy being green, but this week, we’re spending wisely:

Happy Earth Day, Tax Day and Equal Pay Day,


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