Margit’s Note: It’s Our Birthday, It’s Our Birthday!

(Graphic: Kat Borosky/TueNight)And we’re celebrating with this issue!*

Why did we start TueNight way back in ye olde 2013?

Simply put: There wasn’t a women’s website or magazine that truly spoke our language.

Now in our 40s, we couldn’t find anything that wasn’t scolding us to dye our grays, cover pesky age spots or assumed that life was slowing down. The women we know are a hell of a lot more dynamic. Our similarly aged friends are traveling the world, starting new relationships, running businesses, going to concerts (does anyone say concerts anymore?), caring for kids (or not), choosing to slow down. And with that lifelong experience, there are many stories to be told, ideas to explore. As we like to say, “You, Part Two.”

As you know if you’re a faithful reader, TueNight’s stories are organized by weekly themes — from Tears to Wife to Sport to Power to Tribes — and they’re inspired by the conversations we’re already having with our friends.

We chose the following pieces because they truly reflect the hilarity, diversity and choices we all face, and the voice of TueNight.

We hope you enjoy, please share your comments and tweets and posts about what you like — and even what you don’t — and continue to join us every Tuesday.



* For those of you paying close attention you might notice that our actual birthday was August 28, but we had other topics to discuss. Cause we’re like that. We do things in our own time.

We’d like to thank our sponsors for this issue:, The Wine Sisterhood, Campari, La NewYorkina, Cabot Cheese, Hint Water, Tattly.


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  1. Everyday Parenting

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  2. Adrianna Dufay

    Thank you!!

  3. Margaret Linney

    And many more!!

  4. Melissa Shusterman

    Congrats to you all!

  5. Studio Laura Loving

    Happy Birthday!

  6. The TueNight Birthday Collection on GREAT.LY | Tue Night

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  7. MargitDetweiler

    Thanks everybody!


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