Margit’s Note: It’s Splitsville

“I don’t think it’s working out with Prince Eric….” (Photo: Adrianna Dufay/TueNight)

We’re done. Can I have my keys back? No CDs to divide this time, just digital memories. (Cue the song “I thought you were my boyfriend,” by The Magnetic Fields, on an endless loop.)

Maybe we had something, once. I’ll mail you the rest in a brown box.

Just give me one last look.

This week, it’s not you, it’s us. We’re breaking up, disassembling and remembering how we got through the pain. We’re reminded [clears throat, juts finger into the air] that the love of self has to come before all else. Even if you’re in a blissful relationship, as writer Ali Burns notes, you gotta “do you” to keep any relationship healthy.

This week:

And remember, in the words of the fake Buddha (’cause he didn’t really say this, but still…)

“You only lose what you cling to.”

We’ll always love you,


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