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In the ‘80s and into the ‘90s, stadium concerts were smoky, sweaty affairs. Pot was prolific, security was meh, the shows legendary. You’d always ditch your ticketed seat to try and push to the front and, once arriving at the third row, jettison one fluorescent polka dotted earring at the stage, nearly missing Simon Le Bon’s butt. Regaling everyone with that moment for months.

A quick list of concert highs and lows:

First Concert: Paging Dr. Noah Drake. Rick Springfield. There, I said it. Nope nothing even remotely cool.

Best Concert: Too many to even try to quantify. But… a nearly five-hour Parliament Funkadelic extravaganza at Philly’s Trocadero in 1993, presided by George Clinton wearing a Sponge Bob Square Pants bed sheet. Give up the funk.

Worst Moment at a Concert: Someone throwing up on my back at a Bruce Springsteen show at the Spectrum.

What was your first, best, worst concert? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook with #firstconcert #bestconcert or #worstconcert  — we’ll share!

This week, we’re jamming the following stories:

And we’re remembering the man we first met as Mork, became a genie to our kids, and made us laugh for decades. You will be incredibly missed, Robin Williams.

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  1. Jody Jones

    Rick Springfield also my first. I’m still pretty sure I’m Jesse’s Girl.

  2. MargitDetweiler

    JodyLJ I’m pretty sure you are too


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